The Pirate & The Princesses invade Sherman Oaks

This morning I decided to take Jax out early to beat the heat. Unfortunately for me the heat decided it would come out a little early this morning. At 10 am it was 80 degrees. I thought about walking that extra few blocks and head to the park, but the question was how hot would the walk home be. So, I decided to go to the mall instead. I was going to take him to the little kid play area inside, but I remembered the little spot outside the mall called Lollipop Dream. When we got there we walked in on their Happy Hour. Happy Hour for them is a walk-in event that happens at different times on different days. They have dress up storytime, face painting, balloon animals, crafts and other activities. On Wednesdays it goes from 10am-12pm, the cost is $8. We walked in just in time for storytime!

Jax was the only little pirate among all the princesses, but he didn’t care. He grabbed a pirate hat and some Mardi-Gras┬ábeads and sat down and listened to three stories. After that, the host found him a pirate costume to change into along with a foam sword and it was on like donkey kong! LOL! They had face painting, balloon animals, crafts, free/open play and music to dance to. The host paid attention to all the kids and everyone had a great time. Jax made a friend named, GiGi who seemed to know how the whole thing worked, so she showed my kid the ropes. She’s the one who helped show him where the costumes were, helped him pick out his pirate jewels, taught him the art of sword fighting with his new sword and where to go once you got your face painted or your “tattoos”. It was seriously the most fun! It’s not a drop off place and you are welcomed to interact with all the kids while they play or let them just do their thing.

They are open sometimes on the weekend when they aren’t booked for a private party. I think that this is a great place to be on those hot summer days. Grab a coffee or something in the mall before hand, let the kid’s imagination go crazy for a couple of hours, maybe grab some lunch in the mall’s food court and then head home! Follow them on Twitter to keep up with all the special events they have going on throughout the week/weekend. Or check out their calendar.