Great SF Family Events

Because I absolutely love San Francisco and hope to one day move back and raise my hooligan there, I am going to post some great upcoming events for families!

This event is geared toward kids 10 years and under and is a large fundraiser for Help A Mother Out. Help A Mother Out is a non-profit organization that supplies diapers to homeless and low-income families in the San Francisco area. Get your tickets here! For $20 you can help out other moms and have a great day with the kiddies!

Next to Noe Valley & The Haight, North Beach is my fav place. I’m sure you’ve guessed that it’s because it’s just soooo delicious!! LOL! I did go to this festival one year and it was a lot of fun! Click on image above for more info on North Beach Festival.

We are family partial to soccer as my younger cousin, Max Oldham is an UH-MAZING soccer player who plays for Cal! And since he’s also from the bay area, I know he would appreciate me posting this event! Even if you don’t have soccer players to enter in the tournament, it can be a great event to attend with the little ones, especially if the weather is nice!

There is nothing better than a San Francisco night, The Wizard of Oz movie and a symphonic accompaniment! June 26th & 27th… GO GO GO!!