Reading Rainbow is BACK! *Fist Pump*

This literally just made me get up and do a little jig! I absolutely LOVE Reading Rainbow for so so many reasons. It truly was a force behind my love of reading. Our first grade teacher, Mrs. Randall ; who by the way was a truly gifted and talented teacher; would turn off the lights, turn on PBS everyday and we would watch Reading Rainbow while she graded papers. Then we would talk about the book on the show and have our own storytime!

Reading Rainbow is back for our youngins, but not on television. In the form of a tablet App. The concept is the same where books & stories will be introduced to a new generation of readers. But instead of tuning in at a specific time, they will have it at their fingertips whenever! Genius!!!

This show was groundbreaking and necessary in time when educational television had begun to take hold, and now it’s coming back at a time when education is at the finger tips of toddlers! A lot of people may say that this app will take children away from books, just like they said about the television show. Well, I watched the television show growing up and I still picked up a book. Kids will continue to pick up books and read as long as we make them accessible to them. If you’re so worried that your child will never feel paper pages, then go to Barnes & Noble, buy some, take them home and read them with your children. Or better yet, take them down to the local library. I’ve taken my son. My son loves to read and he loves his little library of books to read from. He also loves his digital books on my iPad. Our children learning the basics like, 15 minutes of reading every day or how to write a proper letter comes from us, the parents. We now have so many tools available to teach our children, there really is no excuse.

So hate it or love it, The Reading Rainbow app is here. I for one will be downloading it tomorrow and getting a subscription for my son! I hope you do too!

Reading Rainbow is Back: Can it Do for the iPad What it Did for TV? – ABC News.