Serious Back To School Prep

If you’ve been scowering the internet for the perfect preschool/kindergarten, or the first day is looming…or maybe you’re just not sure if you’re kid is ready. Basically you’re me, last year; and this year to be honest, as Jax makes the jump to Pre-K; I’ve got an event for ya! Club MomMe in Los Angeles is hosting a Back To School Event for parents in that lovely Club MomMe style with snacks, lecture, demos, gift bags and giveaways. It’s a kid friendly event as it’s at Little Acorns Grow Kindergarten (which to be honest was on my very short list before I realized Jaxon’s school was literally a block away) so there will be entertainment, toys and a cuddly petting zoo for the kids while the moms & dads can get all the information they need to prepare for *GASP* SCHOOL!

Now even though my kid has been in school for a year, he is going into a whole new space as he enters Pre-K. Napping is less, more education… I’m not really sure what to expect of the school, Jaxon or what I should be doing at home as reinforcement. And then there are those cute little Bento Lunchboxes that actually make a lot of sense. It’s just a great way to make lunch fun, to guarantee they eat their fruit and veggies AND that they get proper portion size. I for one, don’t really know how to do that. However, there will be a cool bento lunchbox demo with the answer to the question do you really need to pack a lunch for preschool?

Then there are the giveaways from Lakeshore Learning, Laptop Lunches, Mother’s Organic, Happy Family Foods, Luca & Company, Episcencial, Menchies, Eco Store, Dapple, Kidspace Museum¬†and more. And everyone will walk away with the DVD & year long subscription. See, I told you wanna be there! LOL! These are all great tools to get you prepared for school. I think you guys should try and come out. And if you are looking for a great school in the Valley or Pasadena, Little Acorn Grows is a great place to start! They have Preschool and Kindergarten campuses and they are amazing! They offer kid yoga, music, art, theatre, language on top of your basic great curriculum. I love places that are focused on helping kids be well rounded and socially conscious.

All Crazy Creole Mommy Readers will get $5 off their tickets by using crazycreole promo code.. If you can make it, come on through. I will so be there and so will Jax. He might try and bring home all the cuddly animals! LOL!