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Baby Hippo in old Bugaboo
Baby Hippo in old Bugaboo

I love a good stroller. I’m not kidding. I LOVE a good stroller. As a single active mom with arthritis and an autoimmune disease, my stroller has been my best friend. Trips to Disneyland, red-eye flights, early walks, concerts/movies in the282626_10151250474238696_1305785923_n park… all of those things where my five year old might fall asleep, become tired or can’t walk the entire way, I need a good stroller. A great stroller to hold the kid, bags and that’s cool enough that he’s okay being seen in.

Now I completely understand some people’s arguments, “He’s too old!”, “Make 523723_10151239959018696_1349884642_nhim walk!”. Well, we still need to be able to do things and at the end of the day, if/when he gets tired, I cannot carry him. So, what to do? He out grew his Bugaboo Frog, which I loved more than life itself. And his father broke my Joovy Groove. So, what were my options? Where was the stroller that was tall enough, sturdy enough, easy to clean, easy to lift and reclines all the way back. Suddenly I was reintroduced to an old trusty friend (brand), Bugaboo!

A few weeks ago, Club MomMe, hosted the launch of the new Bugaboo Runner. MK3_1815It’s a jogger trip-wheel base that can be used with any Bugaboo seat. Yes, you read right! You can buy this base strictly for Jogging and use the seat you already have as long as you have the proper adapters. It also has a great bottom basket, reclining and reversible seat and of course, EASY TO CLEAN! It’s a light weight frame and perfect whether or not you have arthritis. It has an adjustable handlebar which makes it easy for Dad to use as well.

web-20 Bgbbee3-64While at the event, I fell back in love with Bugaboo because I remember why I obsessed over the stroller in the first place. Not just because of the clean, sleek look it has, but the fact that it’s just such a great versatile stroller. Easy for mommy, daddy and grandparents. Those of us with autoimmune diseases will find that being able to change the fabrics & machine wash them whenever possible. Their sun canopy that fully covers the stroller was perfect for us in Texas with the mosquitoes. We also used the IMG_4571
bassinet from our Frog (looks like the Chameleon) as a crib when he was an infant when we traveled. Now, they actually have a stand that allows you to keepweb-BGB_Stand_29 FINAL the bassinet off the floor and use the toddler seat as a highchair. Literally the perfect traveling stroller. It was also great for us because we could use the bassinet and later the toddler stroller with the extended canopy, and then go to The Art Walk or a movie in the park while he slept. Now as he gets older, there are times we do things, but as it gets later and he gets more tired, I have a very very hard time getting him to the car and back into the house. But I thought, Bugaboo might be too young for us. And then the clouds opened up and I caught sight of the new Bugaboo Bee3.

web-bgbbee-comfort-tb-09-10_39LThe new Bee3 has an adjustable seat that can extend up or out for height adjustment. You can reverse the sets and adjust the handle bars. It also has a great fold, easy for traveling in & out of cabs, airplanes, buses/trains. They also have a new comfort traveling bag that has WHEELS! Yes, mommies! There is a rolling bag for your stroller! Needless to say my custom designed Bugaboo Bee3 has been ordered and is on it’s way. Stay tuned for the new chapter in Stroller Life! It’s on, baby!