Supermom Alert!

Growing up around strong, creative women led to me picking quite a few as mentors and friends. I feel very blessed to know these women and call them my friend(s). One of which is the talented Robinne Lee! I met Robinne through my bff, Essence who starred with her in Deliver Us From Eva and she’s just a joy. Brilliant, talented, witty and a supermom! I am asking all of you supermoms and superdads to support one of our club members, Robinne Lee and her new film, Miss Dial. In the middle of laundry, carpools, playdates, auditions, writing, prepping dinner, bath time and school fundraisers, this woman found a way to produce and star in a feature. Seriously?! LOL! I don’t know how she does it on top of staying super fit and put together. She’s my SheRo!

So what is this project she’s created? It’s a small independent film produced by and starring Robinne along with some other super cool folks I adore (Gabrielle Union, Hill Harper, Dule Hill). Basically, A consumer affair rep who works from her missdial_key_art_final1apartment decides to play hooky one day, and spends her time calling random people, looking for new connections. And then…HA! You’ll have to see it to find out what happens! Okay so how can you see it and support? This small film is making an ambitious media push in celebration of the March 12 DVD Release, with screenings in SIX different cities March 5th-11th. DC, ATL, LA, NYC, West Hartford & Detroit please stand up and catch these screenings! Some of the best films were produced independently by artists with a passion to share their craft. There is no large studio pushing the film, it’s a testament to an American’s hard work and perseverance making a box office success out of a handcrafted film. I am supporting Robinne because she is my friend. I’m supporting the film because independent art is necessary in such a commercialized society. I hope you’ll stand with me and support Miss Dial!