A Dino Of A Time

photo 2If your television is stuck on shows like Dinosaur Train & Dino Dan, you find mini dinosaurs inside your work bag and toiletry bags and you’ve made more trips to the Natural History Museum than you care to count… Erth’s Dinosaur Petting Zoo is a MUST! It is a 50 minute dinosaur lesson wrapped up in ┬áinteractive in your face fun!

Scary? A little. Thrilling? Yes. Interesting? Yes. Realistic? Very! I’ve seen some good puppet shows in my day, but this was amazing! Especially if you have a 3/4 year old all the way up to about 10/11 years old. And to be honest, I had a pretty good time. It was interesting and it was photo 3great to see all the kids react and interact with these larger than life puppets. My own little Jaxosaurus was on the edge of his seat. The baby dinosaurs were sweet and cute. the prehistoric Dragonfly was a little too real. And although the Tyranosaurus looked VERY real and was very large, he could identify the dragonfly to modern day life. When it looked like it was going to suck the brains out of his Uncle Sekou, he stood on his feet and demanded that the Dragonfly not eat him or his Auntie Stacy would be really really mad! To be honest, he was better with the T-Rex coming out than he was with the Dragonfly flying over head. He giggled when it chased and sniffed the dino wranglers around the stage. He scolded when it scared the kids on stage and he cheered when it got close to the audience.

photo 4By chance we saw my friend Stacy and her husband Sekou, who had a connection to the theatre so we were allowed to go backstage and see the puppets. Jax was especially excited about seeing the dinosaurs that is until…he saw, HIM! The big T-Rex that was on stage, was suddenly a few feet away from him in the flesh! A microfiber and plastic flesh, but flesh nontheless. Then I heard, “Um, no thank you! We can go now mommy!” No matter how logical my three year old can often be, and although he cannot be fooled by much…the large realistic T-Rex teeth did bring him down to kiddie fear earth! After a little demonstration from Sam, the Dino Wrangler who starred in the show, and all the other adults, Jax took a few pictures with his new prehistoric pals! He even kissed the Dino baby!

I am proud to say I am living my child Dinosaur fantasies through my preschooler who is just as obsessed as I was! If you are a fan of art, history and dinosaurs you will enjoy this show! If you’re kid roars at your dog and stomps around ┬áin dino slippers with two fingers clawed, you need to find this show! It tours all around the world and I believe it’s next stop is Austin, Tx! You need to see it!!!

Mommy, Baby & a T-Rex Make Three!
Mommy, Baby & a T-Rex Make Three!