I love it when things from your childhood come back to visit you in parenthood, forming another bridge between you and your child to grow up upon with one another. Things like movies, cartoons or toys from your generation can stand the test of time and bring joy to families for generations. LEGO’s are one of those nostalgic toys of my youth that have found their way into the heart of my son who looks forward to a new set of DUPLO® for his birthday and Christmas each year.

But still I didn’t understand the magnitude of the impact the LEGO® brand had had on my son until we saw the billboard for the LEGO® MOVIE while on a drive. I heard a loud cry of glee from the backseat where Jax was seated. “MOM! MOM! MOM!! That’s the LEGO MOVIE!! MOM, do you see it?? MOM!!” Now, I personally was already excited about the movie coming out because I was quite the collector and builder when I was younger. Back then, it wasn’t very cool to have packs and packs of LEGO’s  in your teenage room, with some already assembled into towns, ships, skyscrapers and futuristic vehicles. And being that I was already an outward fan of The X-Files, Star Trek, Star Wars and John Coltrane…I kept my love of the tiny building blocks to myself. But once I had a child, I scoured Toys R Us for all their DUPLO® sets so that he could start his own villages and worlds. Not to mention my nephew who is already a master builder of a  SuperHero LEGO® world all his own! Needless to say I LOVE shopping for him for Christmas! 🙂 But I digress…the billboard, yes.  So, here is this random billboard staring at us as we sit at the light and Jax can hardly contain his excitement! For the next few weeks, all I hear about are the many different characters that will be featured in the movie! “And they have Batman and an Astronaut and Michelangelo and, and, and…”

IMG_1607And then…we got to see it! You know how you build things up in your mind and then it just ain’t all that? Well this was NOT the case!! IT.WAS.AWESOME! *cue the music* Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team! Everything is…….oh! Sorry! *cracks knuckles* Yes, back to what I was saying. The movie, The LEGO® MOVIE, was so awesome! I honestly loved it! I thought it was hilarious! I thought the graphics were excellent! The story was really great in the sense that it was complex & witty enough for adults and simple enough for kids to follow along with and enjoy. To be honest, I could go see it again with some adults! And the end…oh the end! It’ll getcha!

Okay so what are doing this weekend? You are seeing this movie? In fact, you are going to enter my giveaway (that ends tomorrow), hopefully win the bundle of cool stuff and then go see the movie this weekend! It’ll make a great family outing! Of course now that we’ve seen the movie, my little Hippo is convinced that he has graduated from DUPLO® & is ready to test his master building skills. Guess we’ll be heading to Target soon to check out some play sets!image005