The Big Back To School Giveaway!!

Soooo…how’s it going? With school that is? It’s here and in full force, up and running, full speed ahead…you get my drift. School is BACK! My calendar is literally bleeding “Jaxon’s Calendar” orange with afterschool classes, assemblies, field trips, baseball practices, soccer games. I thought that going back to school meant the kids are occupied and you get a breather? Someone lied to me! LOL! Lies! All lies! I’ve done waaaay more work in the last few weeks than I did when I had him all day during school break. Lunches, volunteer work, mid afternoon pick ups, school party planning, field trip chaperoning, homework. Oh the homework. Grant it, yes, my little one is only in Transitional Kindergarten, but we know that Hippo is a bit of a smarty pants. So, on top of the occasional¬†coloring homework and 15 minutes of reading a night he gets from his teacher, I am working on trying to keep his mind stimulated and on point. We do about 3-4 pages each day in his Brain Quest workbook. Then we move over to the tracing with Mr. Pencil notebook from LeapPad because smart boys usually have crappy handwriting because their brains are working faster than their fingers. After that he reads about 2-3 chapters out of his current Captain Underpants book to me out loud. By the by, I LOVE Captain Underpants. It is a great series of books. I love the language used, it’s challenging and artful. As well as the breaks in the center of the book with a short Capt. Underpants comic. The message it sends about being creative, being respectful, consequences and the power of education reaches the reader through kid humor and reasoning. I love it! Absolutely love it! Lastly, we end the evening with 15 minutes of Spanish from Little Pim.

I know what you’re thinking, Tiger Mom alert!!! No, not a Tiger Mom. Just trying to keep up and keep him from being bored. My idea is to keep him occupied and stimulated so he doesn’t start using his power for evil. LOL! Part of that is creating healthy meals for lunch and snack. I’m sure you’ve seen some of my lunch posts on Instagram using some of my favorite products from various brands. Well, I am happy to announce an amazing HUGE giveaway of these products today! These are products are good for any age range and some of Hippo’s favorites! Organic, sustainable, low in sugar, easy to clean, etc. products from Happy Family Brands, Planetbox, GoGo Squeez & Juice In The¬†Box valued at over $200!! Enter below!!

BackToSchool Giveaway

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