The Potty Chronicles

Potty Training!! I think I’ve been dreading this since the day the nurse looked at me and said, “It’s positive! Congratulations!” Why? Why is it such a scary thing for us parents? The concept seems so simple. Put the kid on the potty when he wakes up, 30 minutes after he eats, right before his nap, right after his nap, and before he goes to bed. All the while throwing in a few “Do you need to go potty?” or “Let’s go potty!” in there throughout the day. You sit the kid on there for about 5-10 minutes, read a story, sing songs! Do a potty dance once they make the toilet delivery and go about your business! Sounds simple enough! Yet, every time you mention, Potty Training to parents they shutter! It’s because every time you mention the word, Potty to your toddler they get a look of panic and fear and run to the other side of the house! If I ask Jax, “Do you have to go potty?” Before I can finish the sentence he counters with, “Nope! Nope! I didn’t! Nope!” and then I have to drag him to the bathroom where we fight to remove his diaper to get him to sit on the potty. Now some days it’s an absolute miracle where he will just walk to the bathroom on his own, proclaim that today he will use the potty and begin to undress himself. I live for these moments! These moments make me feel like Super Mom! I stick my chest out so that the giant M across my chest glisten’s like my perfectly conditioned hair in the sunlight and I say, “Yes, son! You are the potty champion!” *cue the record coming to a halt with a scratch* Uh… yea, back to reality!

So what is the secret? I mean I’m sure it’s just a case by case basis! But my kid HATES diapers now, so I would think that he would WANT to go in the potty so he doesn’t have to wear the diapers! He LOVES his Brobee & Muno underwear but he knows he can only put them on once he goes potty… So GO POTTY KID!!! Lately I’ve been using this app on my iPhone & iPad by Pull-Ups. It’s called iGo Potty! It’s super awesome. It has a timer on there to help keep you on potty schedule. When you hit the Potty now button, it plays a little song (that Jax loves) while your kid goes potty! At the end you end the song and then it gives you some options on whether your Hippo went potty or tried or didn’t make it this time. When you check the I Went Potty button, it sends a sticker to their chart and then once they collect a row of stickers it unlocks a game. I told Jax if he fills up his sticker chart I will give him a small toy, but he has to put his pee pee and poop IN the toilet. It’s been working over the past couple of days!! It also allows you to share your chart, so I’m able to email Jax’s progress to his father so that we can all share in this Potty Glory!!! Now because of the Pull-Ups app, my little Hippo may be ready for an actual Pull-Up soon!!!

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*Cue the Super Mom theme song*