This PhanxGiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving! It’s probably one of my favorite holidays. Not just because I absolutely love Fall… I know I live in California and we don’t get seasons, that doesn’t mean I can’t like seasons! I’ve been around the country, I know that the fall season does exist. Anyhoo, back to what I was saying! I love Fall, and my love for Thanksgiving doesn’t come from the fact that Fall brings it. Its because it’s the only holiday where just about all my loved ones converge on my grandmother’s house and we enjoy a feast! Two things I love, Food and Love and every year on Thanksgiving my grandmother’s house is filled with just that! And lots of it! Then there’s the imagery and the smells and sounds. Jax laughing in the background, football on the television. The knife slicing against the bamboo cutting board. Scrubbing of potatoes. The smell of onions and garlic frying in olive oil on the stove. The turkey bathing in a buttery bath. Monkey bread rising in the oven. Mom’s Thanksgiving music mix. The dog growling and playing with a new toy. My uncle Bryan cracking dry jokes under his breath. My cousin Matthew’s birthday cake sitting on the counter waiting to be cut into. The bar stacked with wine and champagne. Photo albums appearing out ¬†of the blue. When you think of Thanksgiving this way instead of how much work it’s going to be to put on a grand dinner party, it makes it a lot more fun and exciting. When you see Thanksgiving this way, you forget about The Black Friday Madness and the grocery store nightmares.

My step father once said to me, “Bonzai, you see things in picture frames and movie scenes. It’s a blessing and curse.” LOL! Well, that maybe so. All these things are important to me. I like the way things are set up. I pick up on the way they sound. It’s helped me stay politically correct when needed and when to stab with a dager. Good or bad, this is the way I see my holidays. I see the magic and the love! I see the snowflakes and feel the winter chill of Christmas in southern California. I’ve seen it more so since I got my second chance at this life. Magic! That magic our kids see is so important. It tends to keep us positive. Maybe I am looking at life through a rose colored lens. But it sure is a lot less stressful this way I will say that! Memories are all we have to hold on to when life gets rough. Memories bring faith and hope. Faith and hope will always bring you through. So make the memories great. Make them lasting! Happy Thanksgiving Season!