Up, Up and Away

Well here we are, sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane. Hippo has been so excited he has been singing, humming, talking, hopping, non-stop today. Which means one thing…he’ll be fast asleep before we taxi out! LOL!

How am I doing? Not so great. BUT the excitement on his face is getting me through. He is literally going to blow a gasket if we don’t get started heading out to the east. I am so grateful to God and my doctors that I have made it this far, that I am able to take my child to his personal disneyland. I mean, seriously, Hippo is glowing and about to take on these flight attendants don’t let us board soon! LOL! Well, I’m ready. Outside of death, I don’t think anything could have stopped me from getting Hippo to his favorite place!Untitled (3)

Next stop, D.C.! I hope the Capitol is ready for the Hippo invasion!