Winter Skin

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Today’s post is in partnership with Vaseline® is all about a mom’s favorite subject, dry skin!

Doesn’t it seem like as a boy mom, you are constantly screaming about hygiene ?! I thought it started at 13, but I was wrong. I feel like I’m constantly asking Hippo to brush his teeth, wash his hands, lotion his body. Yes, body. He’s always trying to come out of the room with just a portion of the revealed skin, glistening. Literally 1 square inch of his ankle is shining brightly, while the rest of his ankle looks like it’s been floured up for baking! You’re only laughing because you know it’s true.

Then of course there has been my battle with lotion. Before my IBD life, I already had very sensitive skin. Now with my post pregnancy, IBD, medicated life, my skin is pickier than a 2 year old toddler. It’s so hard for me to find lotion that my skin and I can agree on. I don’t like anything too watery. Nothing too heavy. Nothing greasy. Nothing with a heavy scent. Nothing that ignite and prolong hot flashes. Basically there is a laundry list of, No’s, to go with my lotion shopping. To be honest, I never considered Vaseline® brand lotion. Even though I often use Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for my lips & nose while in the hospital (they get super dry with the air and tubes) or back east in the winter. I just assumed that the lotion would be too heavy or greasy in texture. Well, I’m happy to say I was wrong. I tried the Vaseline® Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion and it was absolutely amazing. My skin has been so dry. Like, I wash my hands and suddenly my hands are dry as a bone. I’ve been using Vaseline® Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion in my daily regimen for a few weeks now. Suddenly, I can wash my hands without immediately reaching for some lotion after drying. My skin is soft, but not greasy in feel. The smell is mild enough that I can where it through my days of nausea. Vaseline® Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion leaves skin deeply moisturized and looking noticeably healthier! Hippo loves it and actually will lotion his entire body! Yes, my child walks out of the house fully covered in lotion! Thank you, Vaseline® Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion! You’ve accomplished the impossible!

Most people assume that because I live in Southern California, that I don’t know cold. That winter doesn’t exist in my life. Well…that’s just not true. When you live in Los Angeles four different types of climates are all about 30 minutes away. And where I live, nestled up against the mountains, it can get down to 25-30 degrees at night. Hippo takes full advantage of the cold, encouraging cups of hot cocoa with scorched marshmallows on top. Yes, the anti sugar mom, allows a very chilly Hippo to engage in mama’s speciality cocoa. Mostly because I kinda want it…LOL! So Friday Family Movie Night consists of homemade blankets from Auntie Sam, Freshly popped popcorn for Hippo, tortilla chips for mom and hot cups of Hippo Mama’s specialty cocoa.

Vaseline® Intensive Essential Healing Lotion & my hot cocoa has definitely helped Hippo & I get through this winter season.

Hippo Mama’s Hot Cocoa

Yields 4 cups

Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Sweetened Condensed Milk

Milk (or milk substitute)

Vanilla Extract

Cayenne Pepper




Mini Marshmallows

*just a warning. I cook by eye, not measurements. Yes, I am that creole!*

Pour Cocoa mix into mixing bowl. Add seasonings and mix. Pour condensed milk (half a can is usually good enough) to a small sauce pan. Add milk until sauce pan is almost filled. Mix and simmer. Add two drops of Vanilla extract and mix. Wisk in dry mix until Cocoa is dissolved and mixed in with milk. Let simmer until it thickens & warms up. Pour into cups, cover the top with mini marshmallows. Scorch all marshmallows slowly until they are crunchy on top and gooey inside.

You can thank me later!

Every purchase of Vaseline® lotion (or jelly) in the U.S. will help support Direct Relief through a buy one to help heal one promotion. Learn more at (and see the difference The Vaseline® Healing Project is making)

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vaseline® Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion.