You’re 3, What do you know about the Tooth Fairy?!

You see this is the problem with school. Your kid starts to come home with all these crazy ideas and notions they get from their little hooligan school posse! My kid will be 3 next week, he just got his last molar in a few months ago. He’s not even close to loosing any of his little teeth, so how and why has my kid been wondering how he can get in touch with the Tooth Fairy! Uh…er…wha?! How can you get in touch with the Tooth Fairy? He looks at me with this look like, uh yea! “Yea, Is Tooth Fairy coming my house?” It was almost as traumatic as when a boy I use to babysit told me he didn’t think the Tooth Fairy existed because if she was a real fairy, she would leave him crisp new bills! WHAT?! Who are these children with all these questions? I’m not ready for this! UGH! Okay so I explain the Tooth Fairy, what she is and what she brings to OLDER children whose teeth fall out ON THEIR OWN! I tried to emphasize ON THEIR OWN with my kid, just because the flash of my kid running his face into the wall to make a buck hit me like lightning! So easy enough, I explain it and he’s cool with it.

A few days later my grandmother calls me laughing. She says that when she took Jax with her to go to the doctor, he walks over to the nurse and says, “I needa talk a dentist pwease!” My grandmother asks him what he needs with a dentist and he responds, “Cause I needa pull out my teef so I can get some monies from da toof fairy under my pillow!”…. *insert blank stare here*…Didn’t I say OLDER CHILDREN? And teeth that fall out ON THEIR OWN?!…. Jesus Take The Wheel!