What The Book Didn’t Tell Ya, #463

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I started reading. I read everything! Every article, book, blog post and tweet about parenting you could possibly imagine, outlining every scenario and more. It helped me to understand a lot of Why’s and clarify a lot of confusion. Parenthood made sense…while I was pregnant. Then the baby came and it all made NO sense! Non whatsoever! My son has done none of the things that I read about…But he sure has done a lot of other things that I didn’t read about. Or takes activities that seem like normal child behavior (normal in the sense that you can google it and find an answer) and puts his own toddler spin on it. Just when I thought I had a handle on things with him, he goes and does something else.

I mean I know that time flies by. I know that a million and one things change during the first five years and missing a day is like missing a year of activity. There is just SO MUCH GOING ON with kids! Literally in three weeks his vocabulary has changed completely! I just don’t remembering signing up for a giant Dougie Howser who loves wearing costumes! I stayed amazed, enamored and laughing …oh and extremely confused! Extremely! I’m sure you are too! And I have to ask, what is it with kids and needing to get naked when guests come over? I remember watching this Dana Carvey special where he was talking about his son getting naked when friends were over. I really thought he was exaggerating for comedic purposes.

But no…no, no, no I believe he was telling the absolute truth! You know why? Because my son does that! And The Book did not mention anything about this! I think it said something like it may be a challenge to get your kid’s to wear something they don’t want to wear! It did not say that your toddler will be a practicing nudist. My son does not mind being completely naked in front of everyone who is over the house. He gives out hugs, hold’s conversations w/ legs crossed & hand gestures and as we discovered last night, will put on full concerts while you’re trying to watch the Olympics! This is why people have kids! Kids bring the most random moments of hilarity in joy in your life everyday. At some point during the day you know you are guaranteed a laugh from something your kid says or does! It’s hard work, but there are definitely more ups than downs! And THAT my friends was definitely NOT in the book! 🙂