Lattes & Hooligans

I’m not sure if there really is a great side to being a single parent, but there are those moments when it’s just you and your kid(s) bonding over Milk & Lattes. I live for these moments. I love my latte mornings with my hooligan. Sometimes he’s in a costume, sometimes it’s after a long walk or over a weekend breakfast. These are moments to cherish! I feel like there needs to be a moment where you just take the time to catch up with your kid. Put the phone, iPad & Laptop away and engage them. Sometimes we talk, sing a song, play a little game, mostly I just let him chat his little face off. And when we leave, my little Hooligan has an extra pep in his step.

I thoroughly suggest you make a little latte or tea time with your little one. If not for the interesting conversation about what happened on Sesame Street, then for the simple fact that in a few years he won’t want to be seen with me. Right now I am absolutely awesome to be around. My son runs to me when I walk through the door still! I know that I am on the countdown until the day comes when I ask him to go to our Latte & Milk breakfast and he’ll tell me he has plans with his friends…and I’m not invited! I don’t think you’ve ever felt rejection until you’ve been rejected by your child, niece or nephew. It’s worse than the rejection from the teenage mean girls click… way worse! You go from being this untouchable glowing God-like figure that knows everything and can do no wrong, to the person that doesn’t know anything and does everything wrong! Everyday you breathe is a day that you find a way to ruin their lives and embarrass them!

So for now I’ll take my little random mornings with my toddler, steamed milk, lattes, and toddler spreukin with a large glorious smile!