1st day…1st year…19 more to go

Today marked Jax’s official first day of Preschool. Can I actually say that now? Am I actually saying that my son is in preschool? I have a preschooler? Real school. Like learning and all that junk. Crazy! You know three years ago today he was raging war in my belly against my bladder. Today armed with his Phineas & Ferb backpack, A Perry pee-chee, a lunch sack (that he’s started calling a lunch bucket!) and his Yo Gabba Gabba Napsack, wearing under-roos and a smile, he walked straight into school and hugged his teacher. And every year for the next 19 he will continue to walk through the gates of school in search of new educational adventures.

I actually held it together until I walked out of that gate without my baby holding my hand. Got out the gate, hit the corner…waterworks! Walked to Starbucks to drown my sorrows in a soy pumpkin spiced latte with my birthday gift cards and the barista asked where Dr. Jax was…waterworks. Walking home looking through my schedule…waterworks!! LOL!!! No kid at home to read with, to color with. I wasn’t speaking in third person. PBSKids wasn’t on my television. All of his little school stuff was put away in his desk. The house was quiet. The sound of Elmo’s voice nowhere to be found!

There are really so many thing s I could do! I could take a nap. I could read. I could catch up on some work for some projects. I could have a meal in peace. There are so many options! But what do I do? I head over to my bestfriend’s house to play with her baby! Ha!