That Ostomy Life!

I suppose this is the year for random recognition in national magazines. First my photos were in Jet magazine and now my life with an Ostomy got me in another one! That’s right kids, someone thought my story was interesting enough to write about…as if I don’t do that enough already! But this outlet actually helps folks and they thought my story might inspire other Ostomates to take chances, leaps and bounds into tunnel of the unknown. The Phoenix Magazine, The official publication of the UOAA printed an article on me for their March issue.

I have to say that this is very exciting and wonderful! So many great things have come out of something that could have easily sent me into a spiral of depression and grief. Thanks to Joanne Olhsen, James Rada Jr. & Ian Settlemire for this. If you are a Ostomate, getting ready to be one or know one, grab a copy or download it and read the magazine. They have great inspiring stories and information on this whole way of life. Because that’s what it is, it’s a way of life. As difficult and frustrating as it can be to live with in the beginning, knowing that you are not alone NO matter where you are in your life, helps. I know I’m not the only single mother out there knocked down for a bit by UC or Crohn’s. It felt like for a long time…but things like The Phoenix Magazine & GI Department at Cedar’s Sinai helped me through!