Chil’ It’s Just Too Hot!

photoI always feel like summer is the worse time to have an autoimmune disease. I can deal with the arthritis in the winter because it can be healed with anti-inflammatories and pain meds. But the heat brings a whole different kind of element to your daily situation. Especially if you are having a flare up of some sort! It seems like I just can’t get enough energy. Now I know I am suppose to give this J-Pouch time, but I feel just as tired and worn out as I’ve been feeling for the past few summers having colitis and then an ostomy. It seems like I’m constantly drinking and eating, but it just ain’t doing the trick! To be honest, I’m quite tired of the taste of Gatorade! LOL! Although I can say I’m glad there is a wide variety of flavors now as opposed to that lime flavor my mom use to give us when we were younger in the summer. I just… well I’m over it!

I think what I need to do is just switch it up a little bit. Maybe I’ll do Vitamin Water one week and then Gatorade thenext. Throw in some Coconut Water and juice… I don’t know just an idea. I know you get what I’m saying…sometimes you can only do so much of something. Especially when you associate it with pain. So whats the solution? Don’t go outside. Well, I’ve had enough of staying in doors with those years I spent in constant flare up. And I have a preschooler who’d rather brave the elements than sit inside all day. But the summer is already bringing the heat with days reaching up to the 100’s. So, things like bike rides and playing in the park just can’t happen on most days. And I know some of you moms are in too much pain to do things like jumping in the pool or setting up a slip n’ slide. Sometimes the sun is just way too bright and hot for your sensitive skin, so outside is out. Here are some of my favorite things to do:

Popsicles On The Porch Or  Balcony

Put on bathing suits and sit on a covered porch or balcony and eat popsicles. You can do regular popsicles or you can blend some. Blend some Happy Family Squeeze w/ ice & water. Then place in ice cube trays and enjoy. I use Happy Family because they taste good and they have vitamins & antioxidants. I also freeze the Happy Family Coconut Strawberry Pouches. NO SEEDS (for my J-Pouch/Ostomy peeps) and it’s got coconut milk for electrolytes. Have speakers somewhere close for some tunes and a spray bottle with cold water. Spray each other every few minutes. Lot’s of fun, not a lot of energy needed.

Movie Afternoon

Make a pitcher of decaffeinated Ice Tea or Sweet Tea (Get a gallon of great pre made sweet tea from Trader Joes). Make a big bowl of popcorn (I use Annie’s Cheesy Bunnies or Kettle Chips since I can’t eat popcorn). Lay a blanket out on the floor with some pillows and let the kids lay out, so you can have the couch to your self. Darken the room by closing the blinds/curtains…tada!! You’re at the movies. Pick a movie they love so you can take a quick nap!

Poor Man’s Pool


Now this is mostly for autoimmune mom or dads that stay at home with one or two small kids. Just because…there isn’t enough room! LOL! Put on bathing suits and fill the tub halfway with cool water. Bring in some bath toys and a bottle of bubbles for some fun. 15- 20 minutes is all you really need. Trust me, it’s a lot more fun than it sounds. And unless your pool is in your backyard, it’s a lot easier than getting to the pool. No shoes. No sun block. No chlorine. No sun. And for you IBDers, you’re already in the bathroom! 😉

The Great Camp Out

If you live in a place where it continues to be incredibly hot at night, like the south or…The San Fernando/San Gabriel Valleys, then this might be for you. Turn your living room or office into a camp site. My son had one of those Brobee’s tents and it was an easy set up. We took his Cloud B Turtle, some light weight blankets and pillows then set up shop. If you’re kids are older, let them build a fort. The Cloud B was awesome because it projects star shapes onto the walls. You can download nature sounds to play over speakers while you tell stories or eat snacks. You can achieve this during the day by closing all curtains and blinds. Have the kids pack a nap sack and bring some “friends” along for the trip! (friends as in stuffed animals, LOL!) You could also do an indoor picnic at a “camp site” that’s always fun!