Couple Cuddly Corner

So now that I’ve been set free upon the single dating world I’ve tried to rediscover Los Angeles and find great spots that go beyond the cliché first date. Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat and good glass of wine to take the edge off first date jitters, but after a while it’s nice to find something a little different to enjoy and spark conversation. So through my searching and surfing I’ve found a few things, and have attended a few of these and enjoyed them. They work for either a first date, returning date or a long-lost date night!

Years ago my sister took me to the annual summer Pageant Of The Masters event. It was AMAZING! Basically they take an actual classic art work and have them interpreted by actual people in a live size  presentation!

I swear you will forget that there are live people on stage or around you! It usually runs from July-August, and is in Laguna Beach, so this could be a nice little overnight date spent in a great laid back area after an amazing night of live art. It sells out quickly, so I would plan your date now and buy tickets as soon as possible.

Need a break now? Summer to far away? Check out Show Barre in Silverlake/Los Feliz on Mondays. Brought to you by the same guys who produced Upright Cabaret. They have their resident singer extraordinaire, Shoshana Bean!  I don’t know how many of you saw her in Wicked or caught her when she use to sing at Upright Cabaret, but this girl can freakin’ BLOW! I mean if you love amazing singing and music, this is a great night. She puts on an Uh-Mazing show! If I could sing like Shoshana, I would live my life as a musical! Now if Monday doesn’t work, then they do have their themed show For The Record: Baz Luhrman which runs Thursday-Sunday. All the shows are at Barre vt in Los Feliz so you can have drinks and food while you enjoy the show. Their past shows of Tarantino & John Hughes were sensational hits, hopefully they will revisit them! Seriously a great intimate fun night no matter what age you are!

One thing I missed the most about living in San Antonio as opposed to LA was the living so close to the water! I almost felt claustrophobic going from living next to the vast ocean to being surrounded by farm land and oil.

Photo by Brooke Abbott for BonzaiBaby Photography 2003

Maybe it’s from growing up on the west coast, going to school on the west coast, always being at least 20 mins from the ocean. The smell of the ocean breeze feels like a warm blanket of comfort to me! So naturally one of my favorite date night options is a beach run. Nothing like the moon light glistening off the water, a cool ocean breeze, crashing waves as a soundtrack to a romantic kiss! One of my favorite things is a trip down to Venice. A little dinner at C&O Trattoria with some great pasta, wine on the outdoor patio then off to the Venice Canals. The canals are not only quiet and remote, but incredibly romantic anytime of the day! Take a stroll in silence or sit and enjoy the sounds of the water.

For the younger hipsters who love local art, please please try the Downtown ArtWalk. It’s every second Thursday of every month. This is actually something you can do with a one other person, a group date or if you were like me and Steven, young new parents with not many babysitting options, you can bundle your kid up, and stroll around with them while they sleep. No lie! We would dress him in his warm bear suit, put him in his stroller cradle attachments with lots of blankets, meet friends and enjoy ourselves while he snoozed away in the stroller! There are a ton of street food, Food Trucks and restaurant options. For a more casual fun experience you can Food Truck hop tasting all the local goodies while you check out local artisans and vendors. OR you can visit my 2 FAVORITE spots! Pete’s Cafe Bar which is more for the sit down great food experience (can’t go wrong with the Truffle Fries!) or take it a little more casual with the Nickel Diner for the Maple Bacon Donut!! Yes you heard me, Maple Bacon!!

Another great summer event is the Outdoor Cinema Food & Film Fest! This was another great new young parent date night event with friends and a young baby. Arrive early, set your space with blankets, visit the food trucks, feed your little munchkin and relax to the live music. Once the movie begins your little one is either sleep or about ready to go down. Bundle up close, lay down and enjoy one of their classics on the big screen. Bring lots of blankets because even though it’s summer, where it’s located can sometimes be quite breezy.



That’s all I got for now, but I’m always on my search! Send me ideas and I’ll post!