The Tale of the Sleepwalking Toddler


I don’t even think my eyes are completely unglued as I stumble, hop and fall into my son’s bedside, ripping his covers off to see if he’s harmed from the appendage severing he clearly has had from the sound of terror in his voice. But I find no severed limbs, no blood, not even a sweat. In fact what I find is a sleeping toddler with the most peaceful expressions you ever seen in a sleeping child! DOUBLE-U-TEEE-EEEFFF?!?!? Was Jax just talking in his sleep? And almost like he was answering my internal question he began to speak in a muffled dialogue with his eyes completely closed. Then he calmly grabbed a hold of his giant Foofa and turned over. It took me a moment to realize that I was the one awake for the sleep talking toddler episode before I stumbled back to my bed.

The next night, hours after I put Jax down for bed I walked by the door and heard giggling. A hard belly giggle. I sighed hard prepared to encounter a wide awake toddler at 11:30pm, until I opened the door to find a completely dark room and my toddler snuggled warmly under his covers, eyes closed and giggling. He was giggling in his sleep, and chatting as if he was out on the playground with his little homies. But the grandaddy of them all was the night after. Not only did Jaxon scream out for his mom and dad, hold court with a few different people and laugh it up out loud in his dreams, but he actually removed himself from the bed and walked down the hallway!!! My son the sleep-walker!

Now in all fairness, this isn’t something my kid has just come up with on his own, it does run in his blood. I’ve been known to have full on conversations in my sleep, my mother walked in her sleep as a kid and my grandfather would actually answer you back in his sleep. And even Jaxon’s father has had his moments where he has startled us both with his vivid dreams. So clearly it’s in the boy’s genes! Okay, but what do I do about it?? I mean I keep reading about what to do if your toddler won’t go to sleep or if your toddler wakes up constantly in the middle of the night… but what if it’s you that CAN’T go to sleep because your toddler is waking YOU up constantly in the middle of the night with his sleep talking and walking?!



The Mother of the Sleep Talking/Roaming Toddler