iPad & iPhone apps for the Tyke: part I

Most of you know the sweet agony of scrolling through thousands of apps trying to find the one that is worth your money and gig space. Let’s face it there are just waaaay too many options and it’s hard to tell what is really going to suit your needs just from the app artwork and screen captions, especially when it comes to apps for your little ones. I mean you don’t want them on a tablet all day, but when they are on it, like me, you want to make sure they are getting the most out of the app you paid $1.99 for!

So I’ve comprised a list of apps both educational and fun that my little Hippo not only enjoys, but has really benefited him educationally. We spend a lot of time playing them together, but Jax will also pick up the iPad, unlock it and play them himself without prompt.



1. ABC Phonics Word Family by ABITALK : Something new I found that does sounding out and match the word to the photo. He likes this one because when he does a good job a little dinosaur pops up and does a squeal! Cheesy, but he loves it!

2. ABC Spanish Reading Magic by LECTURA MAGICA: Last year when I was in San Antonio we had our son enrolled in The Pineapple School which is a great Spanish Immersion School that not only is in a green facility but is family owned and serves homemade organic Latin themed foods. I believe that school and weekend food fests in Luling City Market barbeque are the only things I really miss about San Antonio! I have been continuing his education with this app. It works and he loves it!

3. Alphabet Tracing by Oncilla Technologies: This one definitely takes a lot of patience when it comes to the tracing. But it has helped with the letter recognition and sounding out.

4. Little Patterns For Kids-Learn Little Patterns ABC by Grasshopper Apps: This one is great! It’s patterns and letter recognition. You can also record your own voice to it.

5. Into To Letters by Montessorium: Shows you how to trace, what sound the letter makes and the difference between lower case & capital letters! We’ve been using this one since we got the iPad!

6. Nick Jr’s A to Z w/ Moose & Zee by Nickelodeon: If your kid is a Nick Jr. kid like mine, he’ll love this one! It’s just like the mini hidden letter game they do between shows on Nick Jr. except now they actually get to pick the letter before Moose does! I wish Nick Jr. would come up with more Moose & Zee app games because this is one of Jaxon’s favorites! He plays it over and over again on both the iPad and iPhone! Speaking of Nick Jr., has anyone tried the Nick Jr. Boost? How do you like it? I’m thinking about joining.

7. Elmo Loves ABC’s for iPad by Sesame Street: Now if your kid is an Elmo freak like mine, they will LOVE this app! It’s pretty awesome! You trace the letter, you get three options of something that starts with that letter and then when you choose one, a song comes up about that subject & letter. There are also some other song options, letter finding, coloring and more. Love this one for younger ones, gets them started early!

8. Super Why! for iPad by PBS Kids: Great for the older toddlers that are just learning how to put their letters together to make a word. Jax loves Super Why! and it’s been very instrumental in building his reading skills. Each time the child completes a task they receive a sticker and that they can use for this interactive sticker book. Sticker was all Jax needed to hear!

So this is what I have for today and as far as vocabulary. Will post my picks for books, math, fun, etc. in the coming days! In the meantime check these out with your kids, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a few!