Dear Congress…

Dear Congress,

Trying to figure out something for my mom. Since you’ve decided that $8b over the next five years is suitable for high risk pools. When a large state like mine houses me, my son and my youngest brother (all with chronic conditions), and we max out of our allotted coverage, who should my mom choose to help financially for proper healthcare?

Because as a single mother, if I get sick, I’ll need her to help me take care of myself and my son. When my conditions are not treated properly, it can be a spiral downfall! Malnutrition, dehydration, extreme fatigue, weight loss, anemia, inability to walk, etc. So I will depend on my mom to be my caregiver. And when my son’s asthma flares up, which will happen, she’ll have to take care of him too.

But then there is my younger brother who also has two autoimmune diseases too. His daily biologics, epi pens, inhalers and dietary restrictions can fit into my mother’s budget…if she had one child. Not four, grand child, and two kids with two deadly chronic conditions.

So, tell me. Who should my mother choose? Her oldest daughter? Her grandson? Or her youngest baby boy?

I’ve been wrestling with this issue since you first proposed #AHCA. But since you are so sure you have found a solution in this rushed bill, I can imagine that you have the right answer for me.