Dear Dr. King

Dearest Dr. King,

Happy Birthday, sir. We’ve come to another year of celebrating you and all that you did and stood for. Once a year we take a moment to reflect on the progress and celebrate it. Once a year we take a beat to exhale, reflect and gear up for the continued fight for civil rights all over the world. We know that we can’t stop. For as long as we live, there will be some kind of injustice somewhere in the world. We will need to meet it with education, kindness and unending love until the rights of the civilian are met.

It’s hard to imagine that after moments of oppression, hatred and violence, you would think that we as a people have learned a lesson. I assume that we look to the past for the education and we simply do better. But we are imperfect humans and sadly history can easily repeat itself. I am not discouraged or frustrated. I remain hopeful that people will continue to do right until wrong is erased.

Dr. King, I hope that your spirit is settled and excited about how we have grown in love and education. How, we as a people, have evolved in technology to create jobs and different ways to communicate with one another. How we have found many ways to build bridges bring the world a little closer together. You would be so proud of us and how we teach more than tolerance, but respect. That children as young as my four year old understand differences in one another as something to embrace, rather than fear.

We miss you, Dr. King. There was so much more you were suppose to teach us. So many more paths you could have led us down. I wish I could have known a world with you in it. But that wasn’t meant for me. I am not suppose to question it, so I won’t. Just know, that you are missed. You are missed and 46 years later you are still so very very loved ┬áby all.