Delish Chix Recipe~ An oldie but a goodie from my BrooklynBites Blog

This was a recipe I made up on the fly one night, late at night, pregnant with a hungry man staring at me from the living room! I jumped into action, threw something together and he pretty much ate ALL the wings in the pan… two packs mind you! I remember it being quite good, so I decided to share this on my BrooklynBites blog the next day. Here is the original post. Hope you enjoy!!

So last night I threw some chicken together at the last minute and it was gooder than good!! I decided to share my little throwdown (mommy’s fav word) recipe with you all. If I had known how good it was I would have taken a pic. Now a warning… I never measure. I guess that’s the southerner in me… I eye ball and taste it out, so I’m just gonna give you the basics.


chicken wings
black ground pepper
garlic powder
dried lemon peel
balsamic vinaigrette
olive oil

Lots of ingredients, I know… but so worth it! So, here’s what I did:
Place the wings in a mixing bowl. Add a little OLIVE OIL and mix into wings. Season the chicken with the SALT, PEPPER, PAPRIKA, LEMON PEEL & GARLIC POWDER. Add a few stalks of ROSEMARY. I break them slightly at the bark to let some flavor out. Drizzle a bit of HONEY & BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE over chicken and mix. Cover and place in fridge for a couple of hours to marinate.

Preheat oven to 400. Slice up 1/3 of an ONION and a whole NECTARINE. Add a bit of WATER and OLIVE OIL and LEMON JUICE to the bottom of a Pyrex dish. Add sliced ONION and MARINATED ROSEMARY STALKS (from the chicken bowl) in water and oil mix. Place CHICKEN in on top of ONION AND ROSEMARY. Place NECTARINE slices on top of wings, drizzle HONEY and LEMON JUICE on top and cover with foil. Keep in oven until its cooked thoroughly, basting every 5-10 mins. Once it’s completely cooked, uncover the dish and allow chicken and nectarines to brown on top.

Really easy. Great for a date or just something to whip real quick! Enjoy!!