Facetime, The Toddler and his Hero!

Dear Steve Jobs,

My son doesn’t know who you are yet because he is only two. But you are his most favorite person in the world next to his Mommy, Daddy, his stuffed Monkey & Brobee! Why? How? How could you be on my two year olds list of favortist persons dead or alive? Well, because you created his two favorite things, Mommy’s iPad and FaceTime!!! You see at any given point on any given day anyone in my FaceTime favorites may get a FaceTime call from my two year old son!! The conversation usually starts off with him being surprised to find the other person’s face come across the screen with a, “Oh, *insert person’s name here*! Hey! Was goin’ on?! What doing?! Hi!…” and then he will go on and chat. Naming his closest relatives and friends, he’ll talk about Yo Gabba Gabba & Brobee, maybe recite his ABC’s or count to 20! And he will converse for quite a long time! Now this conversation could take place while I’m in the kitchen and he is suppose to be working on his vocabulary, playing a game or watching a video… or it could happen while he’s sitting right next to me or his dad with the device on his lap! You see you have given a very gregarious, charming, talkative, expressive, social two year old a connection to those that are not in his presence or in the next room! Yes, I have received a facetime call from my son while I’m in the bathroom! Yes, yes I have! It’s kind of a step up from the notes I would slide under the door to my mom when she was in the restroom! You see Steve Jobs, it wasn’t just the techie nerd, or the highschool brat, or the overworked parent that you touched, your impact has gone beyond that! I have witness kids who can’t find a way to speak to their parents speak through your iPad to say, “I Love You, Mommy” for the first time ever! Grandparents who aren’t able to be in the room while their first child gives birth to their first child can still witness the miracle! The pain of family break up was made easier as I facetimed my son in the airport during my lay over after I left him to stay for an extended visit with his father…the first time we would ever be away from one another for such a long time! You brought soldiers closer to their families! You have taught my son how to read! You have taught my grandmother how to use social media to stay connected to her family! You have made it easier to work from home and keep the income flowing in! You sir have changed the world!! And that my dear sweet, Steve Jobs is why we all cried when we heard of your passing! That is why when my son is old enough to ask, “Mommy where did FaceTime come from?” I will be able to say, “a genius by the name of Steve Jobs, and he didnt just create a phone or a computer or tablet… he created a new way of life for you, me and everyone.” and he will probably hang a picture of you on his wall next to Barack Obama, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Walter Cronkite, Oprah, Julia Child and Michael Jackson!


A Very Thankful Mommy

Jax & The Machine