A Seuss-Tacular Weekend!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

I am so excited about this weekend! I love the wonderful of Dr. Seuss and so does my son, so this year for Dr. Seuss’ birthday we are at an age where we can really do some fun celebratory things! I’ve started putting together a little list of things to possibly do this weekend that my little Hooligan will enjoy to honor the man who has brought the joy of reading into his life.

The first thing of course is visiting Seussville¬†& PBS KIDS for some very cool coloring & activity print outs. Create a coloring activity book from these fun pages to enjoy during snack time. It’s as easy as print, stack & staple! Seussville also has a lot of printouts and ideas for outdoor/indoor games for various ages and groups of kids. PBS Kids is also have a Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That marathon today. Jaxon absolutely LOVES this show… and I have to admit I do too! It’s got all the essential characters from the original story, (the only addition is the little boy from the story is now black on the show, can’t be mad at the diversity) and they go on daily nature/science adventures where they discover new animals and their habitats. I’ve also downloaded a couple more interactive Dr. Seuss classic story apps on the iPad. Jaxon loves these because the words light up as the narrator reads so that he can read along. The pages also give a description of items on the page when you touch them. I’ve also download Seuss Band which is a great little musical app that uses Seuss-struments in an interactive play for tiny fingers. Jax really lives up to his namesake with this app (One of Jax’s middle names is Coltrane).

There is an endless list of fun budget friendly options you can do with your munchkins this weekend to get them excited about Seuss and reading, below are some of my ideas!


1. Green Eggs & Ham: Of course this is a given!

2. Sneeches¬†Sandwiches: Take your hooligan’s favorite type of sandwich and cut it out with a star cookie cutter

3. Cat In The Hat Yummy Yogurt: Take a clear glass or cup and make a fun parfait in the colors of the Cat’s Hat. Fill the bottom of the cup with their favorite berry cut or mashed up. Add a spoonful of strawberry yogurt, then vanilla yogurt, then strawberry, then vanilla until you’ve almost reached the top. For a little crunch on top you can add Cheerios or Rice Krispies

4. Roast Beast & Who Tater Pudding: Mashed Potatoes & their favorite Meat or Non-Meat item

5. Noodle Poodle Salad: Spaghetti & sauce. If he/she isn’t to keene on red or white sauce, try warming the pasta in a little olive oil, lemon juice and a grated parmesan or vegan cheese w/ a little lemon pepper.

6. One Fish Two Fish: Get some of the colored Goldfish and in a muffin tin or cupcake holders count out 1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blue Fish, Red Fish. You can also do a fun sweet/savory movie treat. Pop some popcorn and to the popcorn add colored goldfish, graham cracker goldfish and if your child is old enough, some swedish fish!

7. Visit Big Sugar Bakeshop: Big Sugar Bakeshop in Studio City usually have great themed items for special days like today because they are owned by two moms…so they get it! LOL! I’ll probably get a couple of Dr. Seuss items from them this weekend depending on what they have.


1. Face-painting: Painting your hooligan’s face like a cat to watch The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That or to read The Cat In The Hat will definitely make them giggle. Add daddy’s red tie or bow tie and some short white gloves and let their imagination go! For a different character add a shiny star to their cheek or stomach to read The Sneeches. Personally my kid likes walking around the house, belly to the wind so it might be a Sneeches day!

Now I’m not the most crafty person, but I found this online and will be trying some of this stuff out! Seuss Crafts


Dr. Seuss was all about reading and education! So this weekend try to get through at least 2 new Dr. Seuss books with your little one! I believe Target is having a sale on Dr. Seuss books this week, so pick up a couple if you don’t have any in your library. They are also always available at your local library. Grab a blanket, a nice spot in the house and cuddle up to your hooligan and enjoy the wonderful world of reading & Seuss.

Local Los Angeles Events:

Friday March 2:

Giggles N Hugs: Dr. Seuss all day! They will have The Cat In The Hat, Story time, open play and more! I LOVE this place and we will try our best to get there. It’s one of the cleanest indoor playgrounds I’ve ever seen! They also have great food, very secure, a coffee bar and… *drum roll* WINE! LOL! We had Jax’s birthday party here and just fell in love. If you’d like to shop in the mall while your kid enjoys story time today, you can do the drop off for an extra price where your child will be under the watchful eye of a sitter at the facility who will make sure they eat, have a great time and are safe while you shop.

~All Day Long

Saturday March 3:

Central Library Downtown: Dr. Seuss on the loose. Story time and live puppet show at the KLOS Story Theater.


Sunday March 4:

Zimmer Children’s Museum: Dr. Seuss Sunday. Stories, crafts and more at the children’s museum.


And then of course there is the opening of the LORAX today!! I think Hooligan and I will close our weekend with Seuss with that movie on Sunday! If you have any ideas or know of any other events happening, please please share! Have a Seuss-mazing weekend!