Our Own Seuss-mazing Weekend!

So on Friday I posted some ideas and information on how to have your own Seuss-tastical weekend with your wee one(s), I’d like to now report on me and Jax’s Seuss-mazing weekend. We didn’t do a whole lot, but we did incorporate a little Seuss in everything we did over the weekend.

Friday: This was more of a prep day. I printed out some coloring and activity pages and stapled them together for some random fun throughout the day. I put his name and a picture of The Lorax (one of his favorite characters) on the front for some personalization. I printed all the pages out from Seussville & PBSKids. We watched part of The Cat In The Hat Knows About That marathon on PBSKids that morning. I didn’t have star cookie cutters or green food coloring, but I did have gold fish! So it was a 1 fish 2 fish snack bowl after his nap. We didn’t get to make it down to Century City to Giggles N Hugs for their Seuss Play Day, but I did find some fun Dr. Seuss cupcakes from my favorite local bakery, BigSugar Bakeshop! BigSugar is owned by two moms, and they have the most delicious treats ever! In fact the last piece of food I had to have before I went into the hospital to have my son was a BigSugar Red Velvet cupcake!! YUM-MERS! They usually have some kind of themed treat for almost every event. You can’t go wrong with any other their stuff, so a cupcake was a must! Target was next on the list. I had heard that previous Saturday they had a Lorax reading for the kids and that all Dr. Seuss items were on sale. Well when I got there Friday I found that all the smaller Dr. Seuss books were on sale 2 for $10 & the larger books were on sale 2 for $20! I think I did a little happy jig!! The selection at my local Target wasn’t that great as it had been picked over and a lot of the ones they had left were books that Jax already had, but we were able to get some new ones to add to his collection. My grandmother (who taught me how to read) was kind enough to buy Jax 6 new book. So titles: The Thinks You Can Think, Are You My Mother, Fox In Socks, I Am Not Going To Get Up Today, My Book About Me and The Lorax came home with us all for $40! Thank you Target!! So, we added to our Seuss library collection this weekend. So before bed we started with one of my personal favorites, Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman. Technically it was not written by Dr. Seuss, but it is apart of the Beginners Books series and P.D. Eastman worked very closely with Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) for a long time. Books like this, Go Dog Go, Hop On Pop & Fox In Socks are great books for kids Jax’s age or kids that are just starting to reading because they can read most of the words all by themselves.

Saturday: I decided to go all out for breakfast! I added green eggs & my Cat In The Hat parfait to the biscuit, ham & egg breakfast. Jax specifically asked for bananas that morning, so instead of smashing berries at the bottom of the parfait I smashed some bananas a the bottom and added plain cheerios to the top for some crunch. I thought that he might get a kick out of the green cheese eggs. And he did…until he realized he had to eat them! Then he wanted to know who put colors in his eggs and politely declined the lime green breakfast food. I might have put a teensy bit too much green food coloring!! The eggs were kinda glowing!!! The parfait was devoured quickly, as were the biscuits & ham! Nevertheless, we had fun at breakfast! On a side note, I’m sure you see single Horizon Milk in the picture. I would just like to go on record and proclaim my LOVE for these single organic milk boxes!! They come in four different flavors; strawberry, plain, chocolate, & vanilla. They are not only great for travelling, lunches or emergencies, but great when you are trying to throw some stuff together and you need to make life a little easier on yourself or spouse! Most stores will often have them on sale 10 for $10, worth the investment and stocking up! They don’t have to be stored in the refrigerator if they have not been opened, so they are easy to store and keep until needed!

We then colored and did some activities in his homemade Seuss activity book and continued to read through, Are You My Mother? Before nap time I set aside some time to watch, “Horton Hears A Who?!” with a popcorn/goldfish snack. Once lunchtime came around, I still didn’t have a star cookie cutter, so dinosaur chicken nuggets & sweet potato fries were the ticket. However, I did something I rarely do, I allowed treats in the middle of the day! Once he finished his lunch, I pulled out the red velvet Seuss cupcake, we lit a birthday candle for Dr. Seuss and enjoyed the cupcake! Now, this provided a slight moment of frustration for Jax as he began to wonder why were having a pseudo party for Seuss, but he wasn’t showing up! In fact, at one point Jax began looking around the house saying, “Doc Seuss…wheeeere arrrre yoooou?!” HIs response to my, he isn’t going to come babe, was an arms folded, frowned brow “AWW MAN!” We also began reading The Lorax to prep for our big Seuss-tastical weekend closing of seeing the movie!

Sunday: And so we come to the conclusion of our great Seuss-tastical weekend by enjoying a showing of The Lorax at the ArcLight Cinema. The great thing about the ArcLight Cinemas is that it’s assigned seating, so you don’t have to spend a bunch of time searching for a seat in the dark. They have a full coffee bar, a café with a liquor bar, some the best carmel corn, and a good variety of treats to choose from. The only one I haven’t been to yet is the one in Pasadena, but I always have a good experience. They are clean, never a problem with picture or sound quality, an overall enjoyable experience. They are a nice little date night central. You can have a quick bite in the café and then go see a flick without having to go to far. If you are visiting the Sherman Oaks ArcLight and are visiting the Cafe ask to be seated in Kirby’s section. He’s really good, friendly and fast! If he’s in the coffee bar, ask him to make you his special spiced latte! YUM! I have to say that I, personally, enjoyed this movie. It was on a Lion King/Toy Story/UP type of scale! You know the scale where you don’t feel embarrassed if you go see it without a child, because it’s just that good. The writing was good, the characters were funny & entertaining, the message was great, and the music was fun! Jax danced for most of the movie and my mom and I laughed hysterically. I say run, don’t walk to go see this film!! They did an AMAZING job with this one! I can only imagine what it looks like in 3D. And listen there is no shame in my game… I might go and see it all by myself in 3D!!! Laugh if you want to, I bet I won’t be the only childless adult in the theatre though!!