From Holly Robinson Peete to 50 Cent…

Apparently last night Hip Hop artist, 50 Cent/Curtis Jackson, made; what I hope to be; a huge accident trying to defend himself against a heckler. He said the person looked “Autistic” and that he didn’t want special ed kids on his timeline. He added fuel to the fire by downplaying and making fun of those students in special ed by saying that he too was in special ed because someone said he had anger issues.

I can only imagine how annoying it must be to look at your mentions and read tweets from cowards who only log on and tweet you to say something disrespectful and derogatory. It gets a little tiresome taking verbal attacks and being politically correct or silent. HOWEVER, I can’t imagine what it is like for a 13 year old kid with Autism, google their favorite hip hop artist, 50 Cent and read something so hurtful and disrespectful. As a father and child advocate I would hope that someone like Curtis Jackson/50 Cent would be more responsible with his words. We have to understand that famous or not, children read and listen to everything! We have got to be more responsible with our words because they can affect someone for a lifetime. After working with kids with Autism I can honestly say that anyone trying to place them in categories with low achieving or dumb individuals is wrong. A lot of of people that are on the Autism spectrum are actual geniuses or have mastered a skill in a small amount of time. But most people live in fear and ignorance when it comes to Autism. That is why ignorant statements are made about Autism. And that is why we are here!

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed in what 50 Cent has done. After his interview with Oprah I hoped that he had reached a whole new audience, put a new face on Hip Hop and showed people all the great things HIS foundation and brand is doing. He couldn’t have just ruined all that with one tweet.

Holly Robinson Peete who is an Autism Advocate, who has actually met 50 Cent and has a son with Autism who adores 50 Cent, took to her foundation’s blog to write an open letter to him. Mr. Jackson, I hope you’ve read this! I hope you will too. : Dear 50 Cent….