From One Mother To Another…

Dearest Tameka Foster Raymond,

I do not know you. We’ve met a couple of times at different occasions. Shared laughs over silly stories being told by mutual acquaintances. But never long enough to get to know one another or really form opinions about each other. But you are my sister in motherhood. You and I are bonded together with millions of other women around the world in triumph & tribulation in the name of Motherhood. So, after hearing about what happened to your son, I feel compelled to express my sincere condolences to you, your ex husbands, your children…your entire family over the loss of your beloved son, Kile Glover.

It’s hard to believe that the Lord had it in his plan to take away someone we love, especially so young and tragically. But we can’t begin to try to understand why HE does the things HE does. It’s not for us to understand why HE entrusts us with blessings and gifts daily. We just have to believe.

I sit looking at the blinking cursor, searching for the words to say. But all I can say  is that you are in my prayers. The best thing anyone can do is pray…for anything and everyone. Through prayer we open up the gateway where we can hear God guide us into helping ourselves through whatever it is we need. We don’t pray in hope, but in faith that we will be led to true peace. We will continue to pray for you, Tameka and for all the mothers out there who have suffered the loss of a child. The Lord will see you through. May HE grant you peace and strength during this time.