Ice Age Encounters

Okay so the kids are out of school…what to do? What to do?? Found out one of my favorite little museums, The Page Museum La Brea Tarpits is hosting the Saber Tooth Tiger and her cub from the Natural History Museum Los Angeles for a few days this June. I’m sure you’ve read my post on Me & Jax’s Tarpits experience! One of my first field trips was to the Page Museum and it’s always been one of my favorites. It’s a small, informative, fun place to be. Take your little ones and watch them enjoy this special presentation of Ice Age Encounters at The Page! There are always food trucks around so you can have an easy picnic in the park or walk over to The Grove/Farmer’s Market for a quick bite. You can also enjoy the late afternoon Storytime that the LACMA hosts next door. There are so many great things that the PAGE & LACMA museums offer for  a day’s trip with the kiddies. And the Dino Encounters exhibit is really not something you want to miss!! My son LOVED this exhibit!! We will be checking it out again at the Page and then soon at the Natural History Museum.

Also remember that a membership would be great to have as it covers both the NHMLA & The Page Museum. Children under 4 are free and an adult membership is $45 for a year. A family of four is $80! Really can’t beat the prices! The Saber Tooth Tiger and her cub will be visiting June 19th, 23rd & 24th. Check the front desk and the Page Museum calendar for times & updates!