Old Skool Birthdays


Everyday there is a parent out there who is in Birthday Party mode. Scouring the internet for sales, ideas, and unique items. Well for the past couple of months I have been in Birthday Party mode. My son made it clear about 6 months ago what he wanted to do for his party so my journey was laid out for me, however in my Pirate Party searches I stumbled upon a jewel! I found an internet business called, Hard To Find Party Supplies! It is seriously the coolest site ever! I wish I had found them earlier because Jax really did want a Lilo & Stitch party, but I thought because the movie is old, it was going to be damn near impossible to put something together with that theme. Well of course after I agreed to and started planning the Pirate option, I found these guys and their Lilo & Stitch items. Thinking that I may have to purchase for next year, because Jax’s love for all things Stitch is not going anywhere anytime soon.

But along with Lilo & Stitch, these guys have a vast selection of just about every theme you can think of! The Backyardigans, Bear In The Big Blue House, Blues Clues, Dick Tracy, Lion King, Rugrats, Paddington Bear & many more. The site literally tossed me back in time. Almost tempted to grab some goodies for a good old fashioned throw back theme party! LOL! It’s crazy the inventory that they have and I was curious as to how they found and collected these items. So I reached out to them and they were gracious enough to share their story with me! I love love supporting small businesses, because as we know those are the backbone of this country and it’s foundation. Take a look at their story and then visit their pages! I guarantee you’re gonna wanna plan a spy/Dick Tracy party! Just for kicks!! And if you are a vintage/antique shopper crazy person like me, this site is right up your alley!

Like many internet businesses we (Jennifer and Adam Schlain) started out of our home just trying to make an extra dollar in a down economy.  We sold all sorts of odds and ends online and found that our left over party items went very quickly so we started looking for more to sell.  We found that by giving our buyers true selection and customer service they would keep coming back and even better… send referrals.  So we had to get even MORE party supplies.  Before we knew it, we had grown large enough that we had to hire a friend to help…. and then another… and then another.  As for our top sellers – that is a hard question because we truly have such a huge variety of sales every week and every month.  For the last few weeks, Lalaloopsy has been flying out the door along with Angry birds, Barbie, Finding Nemo and Avengers.  Last month, Lalaloopsy wasn’t even out yet and Jake and the Neverland Pirates was by far our best seller.  Our true specialty however, is not in top sellers, but in the rare and hard to find items that can never be a top seller because not that many people really want the item (which is why no one else carries it… but us)  These are typically discontinued lines such as G-Force, Indiana Jones, Godzilla, Wiggles, Rainbow Brite, Muppets, Lilo and Stitch, Wall-E, etc.


Every week we will be posting new categories of products on our website that for the most part are not available on any other internet store in the world.  Coming soon will be Pound puppies, Pac-Man, Alf, Vultron, Mork & Mindy, Ragady Ann, Teen Titans and Many Many More!