Have You Given Birth To A Pirate?

Well apparently I have. Last year my grandmother bought Jax a pirate costume for Halloween. As soon as I tried it on him and painted on his curly Pirate mustache, he became a “Pi-ray” (as he called it then). He wouldn’t take the costume off. In fact, for several weeks he woke up only wanting to wear his Pirate costume everywhere and anywhere. And not just pieces of it, the entire thing…including a mustache! The whole Pirate obsession did come in handy when he was diagnosed with Strabismus and had to wear a patch over his eye twice a day. He was a very very cute Pirate last Halloween and the obsession has bled over into the new year. My son loves all things Pirates!

Well, I just found out that TODAY, is International Speak Like a Pirate Day! Oh yea! Although he is at school, I was thinking about having a little celebration after school today with some Pirate Activities and Snackies! I found a website that is the OFFICIAL Talk Like A Pirate Day guide for you and your sea crew. I’m going to print out some Pirate coloring pages here and then find some pirate themed ones from NickJr of the characters he likes. NickJr.com also has a Backyardigans Pirate Adventure game that we may try out today. I wasn’t able to go out and buy stuff to make crafts so I think coloring and a pirate themed movie or cartoon will do this evening. But if you are at home all day today with your tyke and have time to make crafts, here are some fun links to go to for information. As far as snacks go, I’m thinking about getting a brown lunch sack bag, rolling it down and filling it with treasure snackies. Maybe some Pirate’s Booty, goldfish, swedish fish and chocolate gold coins in one bag. Then fill the other with Cannonball Grapes, Apple or Orange Wedges with thick cheese slices for Pirate ships. You can print out the Pirate flag printable and put on toothpicks. You can also make some pirate ships floating on the high seas with Orange Slices on top of blue jello.

There are a couple of places in Los Angeles that you can celebrate this Pirate Day at. Giggles N’ Hugs has gotten into the spirit. Bring your kid dressed in their pirate fit-out and they get free admission. They are having treasure hunts and all kinds of Pirate related activities from 4-7pm. Also Lollipop Dream in Sherman Oaks has daily dress up play for Pirates & Princesses! Ahoy Mateys!