The Return of Coach Mommy

“I had four kids and a business. I was a single mom. It was easier to have my kids participate in sports that were affiliated with school. I just didn’t have the time.” ~My mom.

I watched my mom work hard as a single mom and because of her particular situation,s he was unable to coach us or allow us to participate in a whole lot of sports or extra curricular activities. But my situation has afforded me different opportunities to be able to stay at home with my son until He went to school. And to get him involved in a lot of different activities. I find myself feeling like I can’t sleep on an opportunity that so many single moms don’t have, the opportunity to coach their child’s team. Yes, that’s right, I’m at it again. Here’s why:

I know way more about baseball than I do, soccer

They are not at a competitive age

He’s the only one of his guy friends that hasn’t had a parent coaching

I’m already coaching him on a personal level

Coaching Baseball is less physically taxing than coaching soccer

It’s true that my AS and Jpouch have given me some a bit of a fight, but sometimes I feel like I am missing out on so much because of these issues. And in turn, Jax is missing out on a lot. He’s never going to be six again and it is very possible that I may never have another six year old ever again. So, I am taking opportunities as they come. Taking them as long as I am healthy enough to take them. I know that I will probably not be completely pain free, ever. But it’s quite possible that if I get a little more active, I can alleviate some pressure by becoming more active.

My goals for this baseball season are to bring joy to the kids on my team, bond with my son and get a little more active. We always talk about not allowing IBD, Lupus, Diabetes, MS, etc. control us, that we are fighting back. Well, this is how I’m fighting back. IBD & AS are not going to take over my parenthood. It won’t keep me from being the best parent I can be. It’s definitely changing my life, changing the way I have to do things. BUT, I’m still here. I have challenges, but I’m not dead.


Ladies & Gentleman! Coming onto the field, welcome back, Coach Mom! Let’s Go Bees!!!

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