Practice Faux Pas


Week 2. Second Practice. Game on Saturday. Next treatment is in two weeks. No pouchitis. IBD fatigue. Here’s what I’ve learned so far about coaching baseball

Rule #1:

When you’ve had sudden weight gain from steroids or other medications from your chronic illnesses, work out in proper sporting equipment!

Okay, so let’s just be frank. My boobs are huge! By huge I mean, they’ve grown four cup sizes in four years. I keep buy bras, and well…I keep having to buy more. But I haven’t had a sports bra on since soccer. And no, I can’t fit that one. So, off to Sports Authority I will go in search of something to hold these bad boys down, and give my upper back support because my neck is still bothering me from an accident I had last year. Okay, so check, a sports bra. Also, compression pants. Compression and seamless. I need something that can actually help me lose some of this water weight, support my back, but supporting my tummy. Between the baby, the three stomach surgeries, the ostomy and the rapid weight gain and loss, my tum tum is a mess mess. Having something to really help me move through knee and back support, but give me a little resistance is good. I know I’m not working out, but I am pretty active throughout the 45min-1 hour long practice. Shoes are also important. I love my shocks. However, they are old and they are not conducive to running after random baseballs. The time has come to hit the Nike Outlet. Oh yes, I said outlet! I LOVE the Nike Outlet. I find the most amazing deals on amazing gear for both me and Hippo.

Rule #2

Don’t wait until practice to move around!

I walked Jaxon to and from school today before we had practice. That was probably the smartest idea I’ve had! It got my blood going for the day. It moved me along, stretched me out. It wasn’t such a shock to my joints when I started moving around the field. Even if it’s just a walk down the block, get moving before practice or a game.

Rule #3

Don’t wait until you hurt to rub on the topical!

Why oh why, didn’t I put on my Topricin this morning? I’ve actually tried really hard to put this into my regimen, but it doesn’t always happen. But on practice & game days, it needs to happen! I need to put some on before I go and after my evening shower. Yes, definitely take a hot shower after practice or a game. Get some heat on those joints and muscles. Relax your nerves. Rub down with a little Topricin. Then layer on some Lavender essential oil (mixed with Coconut oil) and lotion.

Rule #4

Get some rest the night before and the day of!

Okay, so it’s 11:04 pm and I’m writing this out. So, clearly I have not followed my advice yet. But I will, promise! Next week! Listen, I wanna last all the way to closing day. And not just last, I want to stay active and maybe heal myself a little bit. So, I’ve gotta get some rest. It’s essential.

Rule #5


Time to start juicing more and staying up on my vitamins. I know most of us can’t properly digest veggies and fruit or pilled vitamins. The answer to this is juicing. I know, I know, everyone’s juicing now. But honestly it is the best way to get your vitamins. And as far as vitamin supplements, if you are looking for gummies, I suggest Hero Nutritionals. They taste isn’t overly sweet and they aren’t hard to chew. There is also a variety of vitamins, not just vitamin c! They have B-12, Omega 3, Vitamin D, etc.!

Alright…yea yea, I know, I need to go to sleep. But one last thing. I am actually really excited about this season. I really am! I feel like I have some skills to actually share with the kids and I think they will definitely teach me a thing or two about life and living through the challenges! Night Night!

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Coach Mommy