RIO 2 Giveaway!!!!

Giveaway alert!!!

Rio was one of the first movies Hippo ever sat through. Between the colors, the music and the fact that it had to do with flying, Jax was mystified. And no it’s not because I use to chase him around the house singing Rio by Duran Duran like some crazed cabin fevered 80’s reject OR some incredibly cool hip mom who knows an 80’s classic when he hears one! No, Rio is just a really good movie. We are a pretty music loving family, but even if you don’t incorporate musical lyrics in everyday conversation, you will still love the movie.

Recently they released Rio2 which Hippo immediately saw with his dad. He came home dancing and singing and having a great time, declaring it was one of his favorite movies next to Frozen & Despicable Me. So with the big hype about the release of Rio2IMG_0398 on DVD & Blu-Ray, we have thrown ourselves in to full party mode. My Crazy Creole Mommy contributor, The Crazy Creole Polynesian Mommy (yes, she is creole and polynesian. and yes, that is very cool),  took her kids and our friend’s daughter who is perfectly named, Rio, to the Rio Family Jam at the LA Zoo on July 12th. The kids had such a great time at the zoo during the cool evening hours with live Samba music, yummy food trucks and special animal guests. It was a mini Carnival going down in Griffith Park, even though, according to them, no hippos were dancing the Samba. And Jax wasn’t able to go to represent the Hippos of Los Angeles. LOL! I am also in love with this new Rio 2 LunchBox that you can get ONLY at Best Buy when you purchase the combo pack! It’s a classic metal lunchbox with an embossed raised front. Love it! You know I’m a sucker for anything that looks a bit vintage!

So in honor of Hippo’s favorite pick and considering it is our choice for tonight’s family movie night, I am giving away a copy of Rio2 on Blu-Ray & DVD. Enter to Win! Contest will run until Jax starts his first day of Kindergarten, August 12th. What? That’s when the fun is over and real life begins! It’s fitting! Enter TODAY!



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