Hi, 31!

I’ve got  about 63 more minutes before I can close the book on the first 30 years of my life and begin the journey with the next 30. That’s right folks, tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 31 years old. Or as Jax has said, a WHOLE LOTTA NUMBERS! Jax told me that even though I am a whole lotta numbers and I don’t always wear make up, I can still find myself a husband. And that “sometimes there are a lotta days where you’re pretty.” In fact, he said that all is not lost. That I could even find a republican that would take me, as long as I keep cooking good food and stay pretty. A republican that won’t tell the demacrabs on me! Yes, you can always depend on kids to put things into perspective. LOL!

So the first thirty, packed and put away. Not too bad if I do say so. I’ve done a pretty good job stay alive, raising a kid and being a good, compassionate citizen. What do I want out of the next thirty? Lots of stuff! I’m hoping to get healthier and stronger. Have a few arguments with willful teenagers who look a lot like me or act a lot like me. Maybe travel the world with a handsome devil that makes my insides turn to goo. Keep writing and sharing stories, tips and love with you good people. See the conclusion to terrible diseases such as IBD, AIDS, Cancer & Lupus. And get a ridiculous bill of tuition from a fantastic university where one or all of children are reading, writing, pledging and finding themselves at. And perhaps the sweet cry of a grandchild. Yes, a grandchild, you see in thirty years Hippo will be 34. A grandchild is quite possible in 30 years.

But for now, I’m focusing on kindergarten, remicade treatments, branding, fighting for IBD patients rights and finding love. And maybe going a little blonder with the hair color and scratching one off the bucket list this year. Or maybe that nose ring I’ve been wanting since I was 16. Or maybe I’ll just keep rocking the fake one because I’m afraid of needles. LOL! I don’t know, we’ll see how it goes! Happy Birthday to me!

Oh, and happy anniversary to my parentals! Yea, I’m thankful you guys fell in love and made me. It’s been pretty awesome, you know the whole having a life thing. Thanks dudes, you guys are pretty awesome for that! Good looking out! xo

Kindergarten Brookie
Kindergarten Brookie