Sparkles! The Only Way To Enjoy The Fourth of July!

Last December 2010 I lost a very a good friend of mine named, Chane’t Johnson. Every memory with her someone is smiling, someone is dancing, someone is laughing and someone is loving. One of my favorite and most vivid Fourth of July memories is with her. Wrote a blog about it. Like to read it? Here it go!

One year my friends, Phillip, Valarie, Chane’t & I at the last minute decided to stay local and just take it easy. This was before I was a Crazy Creole Mommy and could do random things. So we went down to Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. We decided on¬†Mexicali as our first stop. Enjoyed a good dinner, great margaritas and a terrible waiter. That was the day I got my nickname, Bull-Bear. Because I didn’t tip the waiter and then wrote him a note as to why I didn’t tip him AFTER I spoke with his manager! Apparently I’m a meanie, but I will explain why I’m mean and then if you want to hug it out, I am game! LOL! At least that is my personality according to my friend Chane’t. She might be right though. After all she was with me the day I sat down and met Steven face to face and on the way home, she told me she saw me falling in love with him, having big babies and moving to Texas and becoming a Texas housewife. And every time a new predication came true she would just give me a smile! But I digress.

July 4th on Ventura Blvd. me and my three friends take to the blvd. like everyone else for the amazing fireworks show at CBS Radford. Unfortunately Chane’t and I are quite¬†inebriated, so the walk is a little longer than it actually is. The whole way down the street my girlfriend, Chane’t is yelling, “Sparkles! Sparkles!” LOL! And before we could get to the parking lot good, the sky lights up with beautiful colors and we looked to the sky. We danced on the sidewalk while the Sparkles lit up our stage, and for one night Studio City was magical!

I’ll never forget that night spent with some of my favorite people in the world! I’m sure tomorrow Chane’t will be dancing in Heaven as the Sparkles around the world light up below her feet! I only get to see one show…she gets to see thousands!

Love you Honey!