Sweepstakes Mama!

Since becoming a stay at home mom as turned me into a coupon clipping, sweepstakes entering, bargain hunting crazy mama! Today it’s paid off! I found this company on Instagram that does custom cases for the Android and iPhone. What caught my eye was there Hello Kitty collection. You know I loves me some Hello Kitty! It’s like I have a HK radar! I literally find all things Hello Kitty without even having to seek it out! Could this be a problem? Okay, back to what I was saying, I found this little company that makes custom phone cases, really cute ones. They are called Cr38tiveCases . They have a whole wide variety of cases that I love, I’m just partial to the Hello Kitty ones! LOL! Okay, so they were having a giveaway on instagram and I entered. And guess what? I won! LOL! I know it’s a tiny little thing, just a phone case. But it’s a cute one and I don’t have to buy it! YES! *fist pumps and heel clicks* These cases are DEFINITELY a new Crazy Creole Mommy Fav!

Check them out on Twitter & Instagram @cr38tivecases_ !! Place your order through cr38tivecases@yahoo.com and tell them the Crazy Creole Mommy sent ya!