The Prebiotic Life *Sponsored Post*

*Paid Sponsorship: The following post is a review of a product I was paid to try. Although I have received payment for this review, the opinions are all mine and an honest account of how I feel about the product.*

One the hardest things about living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease is the balance of eating. There is the healthy diet and then there is my healthy IBD diet. My healthy IBD diet usually consists of items that don’t make me feel bad going in or coming out. Unfortunately, I find that some of the healthier options I ate before my diagnosis, don’t agree with me anymore. At least not every day. I’ve chosen comfort over health. In some ways it’s helped. It has helped me regulate my j-pouch output, but I am not getting the nutritional value I need. I started retaining water & bad fats. I’ve gained a significant amount of weight and I’m tired all of the time. I’m still taking my clinically proven, medical food grade probiotic made for people with ulcerative colitis, j-pouches and IBS to help keep my pouchitis at bay. But it didn’t seem that was enough.

Over the summer, a company called ISOThrive reached out to me asking me to review their product. I hadn’t heard of them, but another IBD advocate I admire & trust had worked with them, so I assumed they were okay. To me it looked like a mother probiotic supplement I could try.  But I was wrong. ISOThrive is not a probiotic and it is a daily supplement I should have been taking all along. ISOThrive is microFood (also known as prebiotics) that is fermented. Fermented microFood is important to our digestion even with a normal healthy diet because it replaces fermented foods we don’t normally eat in sufficient quantities, if at all.  Trying to down a whole vat of Kimchi is not plausible. That is important because the healthy bacteria in our guts require this nutrient in order to allow our digestive system to function properly.

ISOThrive comes in a single packet that you take daily. It’s got a little sweet, tangy taste that’s not bad at all. Reminds me of a candy I used to eat as a kid, but I can’t put my finger on the name. Here are some of the ways people have reported ISOThrive will work:

Relief from acid reflux symptoms

Relief from constipation

Reduced gas and bloating

More energy

Increased mental clarity

Better mood, better sleep

So, far I’ve experienced more energy, less bloating and a better disposition over all. I’ve also had a better appetite, which is interesting. And in the month that I’ve been taking ISOThrive, I’ve lost 10lbs. I don’t think it was ISOThrive alone that made the pounds drop. I do think that it has been a contributing factor, along with all the other healing work I’ve been doing. Especially the water weight I’ve been holding on to.

For more information on ISOThrive look for them here:

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