Crazy Creole Mommy Fav App Alert!

Thanks to my gf Joelle I found the greatest App of ALL TIME!! Elmo Calls!! This interactive app for preschoolers is a great app to keep on your iPhone where Elmo can call your little one and they either have a phone conversation or Elmo FaceTimes with them! Yes FACETIME!! There is a video that plays with a song or a lesson or whatever, and the camera on your phone turns on so your child sees themselves, like they would if they were FaceTiming someone. My son went BONKERS when Elmo called to FaceTime him. Elmo sang a song, talk about the importance of going to the potty and brushing his teeth. You can even schedule a call time with a specific lesson or song. I have the potty lesson scheduled as well as bed time and brushing your teeth. So when it’s time for Jax to do these things, he will get an important call from Elmo, encouraging him to do the task! You can buy multiple calls and voicemail for things like ABC’s, Holidays, Songs, Happy Habits and more. This is just another great way to reach your children in a language they can understand. Face it, your preschooler can work your iPhone and iPad better than you can. They might as well learn something while they are alphabetizing your apps! LOL!