Give The Gift of Voice

A lot of you associate Holly Robinson Peete with one of two things, 21 Jump Street or Autism. Well I’ve known Holly personally since Jump Street (literally) and through her strong advocacy for a quality of life for Parkinson’s Disease patients & families affected by Autism. She along with her husband, Rodney Peete have helped families through their foundations, The HollyRod Foundation & HollyRod 4 Kids, have a better quality of life through education, resources & support for Parkinson’s & Autism. Her passion and fight for people she doesn’t even know has been motivation for me to do my part for others.

I understand that charitable giving is a very personal choice. Most people give to foundations that are close to their hearts. I am of the mind-set that if it affects a human, it’s close to my heart. We are all in some way connected to someone with autism or diabetes, or colitis or abuse. It all affects us in some way. Somehow the person who didn’t get a proper education will affect the mother of the child who was just diagnosed with autism and she could very well be your neighbor who helps you carry in your groceries because you can’t carry them because you have an ileostomy bag that you haven’t told anyone about. My point, you may not know it, but we are ALL connected! Okay so all that being said, I’d like to ask you to join me in helping Holly & Rodney help in their campaign in giving a great quality of life to a young person with Autism, through their  “Give The Gift of Voice” campaign. With the help of OUR donations, HollyRod 4 Kids is able to gift an iPad and/or Apps that will help kids with Autism communicate!! What better way of helping your fellow-man than donating a few dollars toward someone’s voice! I’ll never forget the first time my son looked at me and said, I love you mommy! Through this campaign you can help another parent hear those words for the first time as well!

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