Happy National Coffee Day!

There is no way I could let this day go by without giving a shout out to one of my favorite things in the whole wide world…COFFEE!!! Today is National Coffee Day and it’s a day of celebration, love and peace! Don’t laugh, I love coffee! And a good cup of coffee is very much so like a celebration in your mouth. You can share it with someone you love. And take a moment of peace with it. And peace doesn’t always equate to quiet.

When I’m drinking it, I take a peaceful moment. Like in the morning when you’re getting your thoughts together and scheduling. I used to drink it while the baby was doing his post-morning nursing session nap. Or when I had changed the flange on my Ostomy and was waiting for the seal to dry and adhere. My grandma and I would drink it while reading the paper. Nannie and I would drink it at her kitchen table while we talked about life in Kindergarten. We had it at Lonnie’s house over dessert and Uncle Harry would let me have two extra bites of his cake. My grandpa and I loved to drink it while I read the LA Times and Wall Street Journal to him. Gamby let me sip hers while she baked cookies for my Uncle’s lunch cart business, in between taste testing and dough rolling. Jaxon and I my mom enjoy it early in the morning on Saturday or Sunday while watching Good Morning America or This Week on ABC. I used to love drinking mine on the N-Judah line with my morning mix on the way to morning class. Or in the evening in the editing lab with Speciality Cafe chocolate chip cookies reviewing dailies and rough cuts. A hot cup on a late night shoot outside on location while the crew resets, sitting and enjoying the surrounding hustle & bustle of movie magic. Grandma Mary and I loved having it in the kitchen and I would just listen to her talk about everything and anything as she sat with her legs tightly crossed, hair always done and a cigarette elegantly dipped between two long fingers…in those days everyone smoked! LOL! A cup off coffee on the porch of my favorite bed & breakfast in New Orleans when it’s pouring down raining in early July is nothing short of magical. Sitting up early in the morning ¬†with a freshly brewed cup at a perfect 76 degrees in the suburbs of Houston on my ex-inlaws back porch laughing with my son’s grandmother was the best part of my weekend.

As I said before, coffee is more than a drink. Although I absolutely heart the smell of coffee being ground and brewed in the morning, don’t get me wrong. But I think for me, it’s what comes with the drink. So, take today to change your coffee experience. Make it special, start a tradition and celebrate. Take a moment to smell the beans and share the love!

Photo on 9-29-14 at 10.58 AM