Hippo Invades Kindergarten

IMG_0567Well it’s happened. Hippo has been in kindergarten for about 3 hrs and 47 minutes and counting. We’ve got about an hour and thirty minutes left in our first day. Yes, I said OUR first day. That child wouldn’t have a first day of kinder if I didn’t go through three weeks, two days and 26 hrs worth of labor pains, so yea! How did he do? Oh we cried! Mommy & Daddy boo-hooed like the day he was born. Oh you mean, Jaxon? How did JAXON do? Well he checked the time like three times wondering why they were late lining up and getting to the classroom. Then he gently shooed me and his father away when we attempted to kiss him goodbye again. Yes, my 4 year old told me to get out of his classroom, he could handle the first day! Reminded me of that day in Pre-K when he told me he was too big to get walked to the back yard. You know that day I sadly walked back to my car and cried my eyes out wishing I had yelled after him, “You need me! I’m your Mommy! You’ll always need your mommy!” . Won’t he? Won’t he always need his mommy? I guess all he really needed me for today was to show him the way to school. He’s totally independent and content with life in elementary school. Meanwhile his father and I are walking out rubbing our eyes, sniffling and wearing sunglasses.

It’s been an interesting road to prepping for this day. Between his excitement and my crazy flare ups, we managed to getIMG_0575 through some school shopping, room re-organization and schedule creation. I was actually quite surprised at how much change Elementary school would bring. Then there’s all the extra-curricular activities that come with this age. We are entering T-Ball, Soccer, Karate, Basketball and Super School. No not the kind of Super School that he is hoping, it’s a great after school program at his school that provides an introduction to extracurricular education like Chess, Physical Activities, Lego Robotics and more. After I looked at my calendar washed over in Jaxon’s orange calendar color, I said goodbye to the good old days of fun and fancy free toddler/preschool life.  I’ve also decided that my supplemental work study with him will not go away, but probably increase more and more as he advances in academics. I realize now that Jaxon is starting his educational career and so am I. He will need my support, push and love through the next few years. All the way through graduate school…which he has informed me already will most definitely be happening, so I need to start saving now.


I have found some easy ways to get him into the school routine.

1. I bought him his own desk:

Now he has his own space to write, draw and create. It also stores his art supplies, his workbooks and his work rewards.

2. Got A WhiteBoard With Schedule & Listed Chores:

Oh yea, he has chores now. We are slowly implementing them. As he grows up and has the opportunity to play and create with older kids, he also has to do what older kids do. Simple things, but important for structure. He is also, all about time. So I’ve given him a reference hanging in his room that outlines his days.

3.  Have A Post School Nap:

He has to stop taking naps now which makes him frustrated, grumpy and distracted. A quick 45 minute nap afterschool will help get back to focusing on his homework & extra curricular activities.

4. Writing Notes In His LunchBag:

I love leaving him notes. Just a gentle reminder of I Love You’s and what we expect of him at school. I also love leaving him fun facts because he loves them. I’ve started using Lunchbox Love.

Now of course this is just the first day/the first week of school and I haven’t been too restricted by my pouch and arthritis. BUT starting off with a plan of action is better than nothing! Right? Also, check back each day for another Back To School Favorite item picked by both me and Hippo and perhaps some Back To School giveaways!

Have a great first week everyone!

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