Proud Sister Moment

I am the oldest of my mother’s four children with 3.5 years falling between me and my next sibling. So basically I’ve been a mother for about a quarter of century! Yes, at 3 1/2 you couldn’t tell me my little brother Cheyenne wasn’t MY baby. My parents were just there to make sure he ate, got his diaper changed and didn’t roll off the bed. But other than that I truly believed he was mine! And that went all the way down to the last one, Kirby who was born after my 9th birthday. Every triumph, every break up, every sporting event, every talent show… every time they’ve needed me, I’ve been there. Before Jax, I had three baby boys whom I’d walk in front of  a bus for. Today ALL three have amazing things happening all in one day! And since I share all the other great events in my life with you, I figure why not share these!

First my two younger brothers Cheyenne & Jacob are two super talented singers and musicians that write and produce their own music. They’ve also developed other personal projects such as a clothing/T-Shirt Line CodyHarr & a healthy living/workout program in the San Fernando Valley BruthaBody. But today their music brand, Jake&Papa has another project dropping, WesternPlaylistiCamaroMuzic. This is their third mixtape as a duo in the last year and a half, and I believe that they continue to grow. This is a really great young, vibrant, west coast, personal group of songs with great tracks and soul touching lyrics. We come from a very artistic family, so they have truly found a way to express themselves through their music. Yes, it’s personal, but it’s relatable! As my grandpa would say, it’s the Soul of their Love! Visit their website at 8:21pm to download this mixtape! It’s a great soundtrack to wrap up Summer!

Then we have my little dancing genius youngest brother, Kirby. When I was pregnant Kirby invited us all to his talent show where he was performing a dance number. He BLEW us away with his talent! Kirby was NOT formally trained…didn’t even show much of an interest in dance…he’s just incredibly gifted in the field! So fresh off his summer intensive course at Debbie  Allen Dance Academy, Kirby will be teaching a ballet, modern and hip hop class for an hour and a half for merely $15 along with his dancing partner, Noelle Andressen Kale! The class starts at 7:30pm and will end at 9pm. Just in time to go for a little session after getting the kiddies down! I believe they are trying to make this a once a week event, but it all depends on the response they receive tonight. Check it out! There is no commitment and they are both really talented dancers with a skill & patience for teaching. Bring a towel, water, ballet shoes or half soles, jazz shoes and or Jazz sneakers. Tell Kirby his sister, The Crazy Creole Mommy sent you!

Gisoo’s Dance Classes

152261/2 Ventura Blvd

Sherman Oaks, 91403