Sicky McSickers!

There is nothing worse than having a sick baby at home! No matter how much you try to comfort, clean out, and care for your sick little one, you can’t take it all away. It’s horrible!! My son has asthma…allergy induced asthma so there’s always a little extra kick to his colds. He doesn’t sleep because he can’t breathe and he’s stopped up. I can’t sleep because he can’t breathe and he’s stopped up! Breathing treatments every 4-6 hours, trying to get him to breathe in while he’s sleep and fighting the mask on his face. Suctioning his nose while he gator rolls in my lap to get away from my suction bulb and tissue! Add on my pain from recovery and all that I got going on internally & externally… yea, the last few days have really sucked over here! LOL!

I do however have some tricks up my Mommy sleeve to combat this evil mucus bug that has taken over my child. Next to the group of medications his allergists and pediatrician have him on, I start my own remedies.

1. Alcohol rubbed on the bottom of his feet: Takes the fever down! Just pour a little on a cotton ball and wipe the bottom of your babies feet. I don’t know why, but it cools them off. My family has been doing it for years.

2. Cool baths with aromatherapy: I use California Baby Cold & Flu or Calm. It helps. I also will wash his face a few times a day with a little of this soap on the rag.

3. Lemon Stew: Boil some lemons, fresh ginger & dash of Cayenne in water. Add an Just For Kids Organic Cold Care tea bag. Serve with some Agave to sweeten. Serve it hot or cold…or you can make little¬†popsicles¬†for them in the ice trays.

4. Suction Bulb: The new ones they are selling at the drug store SUCK! You need an old school pale green one. Ask your pediatrician for one or try a medical supply store. Because I’m not strong enough yet to wrestle with Jax over suctioning his nose, I offer him a deal. I will give him a sugar free-dairy free treat, if he sits still for his nose suctioning session.

5. Keep the sugar DOWN!: Sugar creates mucus. So does dairy. Once Jax is sick, we slow down the fruit and dairy. We go soy, gluten free and sugar free/sugar substitute. For the most part he only drinks water and the Lemon Stew while he’s sick.

6. Add more Vitamin C: I up his Vitamin C vitamins.

7. Lay in the sun: Find a nice spot in the living room. Lay them down and rub their back in the sunlight that comes through the window. A little Vitamin D will make anyone feel great!

8. Make Chicken Soup: I have a great recipe for Chicken Soup w/ a homemade stock that is low in salt, high in flavor & vitamins. I’ll post recipe later…promise! LOL!

9. Stock up on books & movies: Take the time to be with your little one. If you’re a stay at home parent, lay off the school work and playtime. Lay them down and read to them and then watch some of their favorite movies. You both need to rest. If you’re not a stay at home parent, take some time when you come home to give them a little extra relaxing attention. Move movie night up one night, pull out some family photos and some great storybooks.

10. Clean & Sanitize: I sanitize and clean all pacifiers, suction bulbs, etc. Change pillow cases and sheets to keep the germs away.