We Gon’ Be Alright

Do you hear me, do you feel me? We gon’ be alright.

My Love, we gon’ be alright!

My cousin’s house caught on fire. My back has caused me so much pain that I was nauseous. My son’s best friend is moving away. Life is happening right now and it’s handing out ass kickings. But you know what Kendrick Lamar said? Something my grandma and great aunt always say,  “We gon’ be alright!

No matter has ever happened within my little community of family & friends. When the world is caving in on you, you can always count on an elder to rub your back and say, “Honey, we gon’ be alright!” I’ve spent many a night in a hospital room praying thank you’s to God and repeating, “I know that we gon’ be alright, Lord.” I hear it and I feel it and I say it. We gon’ be alright!

Sometimes staring down the pathway of inevitability. What’s inevitable? Well, that my disease is degenerative. That no matter what I do, it will always be there. As I age it will only get worse. My spine will fuse together. It will be painful. IBD, may continue to exude EIM’s (Extraintestinal Manifestations) anywhere and everywhere, through out my body for the rest of my life. But I will continue to walk my thin line of vigilance and panic. And at the end of the day, I know, that I’m gon’ be alright. Everything, listen to me…EVERYTHING happens for a reason. And there is always something good that comes from something horrible. If you are paying attention, you will find it.

Why am I writing this? What is the purpose of this post? Nothing more than to pat you on the back and say, “Honey, we gon’ be alright, now!“. Because we are. I say it to you and I remind myself as I sit here willing the pain away. I know that at some point, it’s all gonna be alright. I just have to get there. I have to make that final lap around the track. I’m tired. Exhausted. Thirsty. I have nothing left…so I think. I refuse to give up, when I’ve gotten so far. Only I can finish this race. So, it’s time to switch it into third gear and stride toward the finish line. We gon’ be alright!

The house caught fire, but it didn’t burn down. My back hurt, and I was able to us my grandma’s pool to take down the swelling and spend some time bonding with my kid. My son’s best friend is moving away, but we’ve already started plans to visit. Life is fluid. Life is now. Life is short. Life is..life. And there is no perfect way of handling it. You just live each day for that day. Enjoy the moments that are awesome and move on from the moments that are not so great! Yes, sometimes the days SUCK! But remember…sometimes, they don’t!

Just keep repeating… “We Gon’ Be Alright!