Vote For IBD & all of your other Extraintestinal Manifestations!

This is not an endorsement of any candidates from any party.

Yes, I am a democrat. But this is a non partisan rant.

I am asking you to vote for IBD and all of your other Extraintestinal Manifestations.

And now you’re reading this and asking, “What? How the heck do I that?”

Okay, so no, IBD is not officially on the ballot, because it isn’t a person. It’s an issue. A very important issue that needs a lot of legislative support. However, chronic illnesses & disabilities are most certainly on the ballot, in the form of representation. The chronic illness fight does not begin and end with Affordable Healthcare and/or the top of the ballot. There are several pieces of legislation, budget items and initiatives that are crucial for patients living with autoimmune diseases and disabilities. And those are decided upon, by congress. Most of those members of congress in both the house & senate are up for re-election. These are men and women, whose offices that advocates practically live in as they fight for budget increases for research & legislation providing a better quality of life to those living with chronic illnesses and challenges. We take them your stories, and appeal to their humanity in order to create change for those of us needing to be seen and heard by the government. And so now, it’s your turn. Take a moment to see if your congressional representative and U.S. Senator has supported legislation that is truly going to benefit you. Is your Congressperson apart of the Crohn’s & Colitis Caucus? Have they co-sponsored legislation sponsored by a member of the C&C Caucus that will benefit us patients. Bills such as the medicare covered medical foods & in-home infusion act. Or increases in pediatric research for gastrointestinal diseases that will help us get closer to prevention & immediate remission response.

We have spent that past year and a half worried about who the President is going to be. But as Hippo pointed out, Secretary Clinton or Donald Trump are not going to be in charge of making sure Congress passes the legislation we need to live a better quality of life. There are so many other things happening in Congress that can truly help us patients. Think about those who are okay with the fact that the cost of an EpiPen is going to make us choose between staying alive and paying our car payment. Do I personally believe that healthcare or quality of health is a political issue? No. But I know that it is a government issue. And so with that information, I go to the polls tomorrow.

On a side note, if you haven’t voted early and are headed out to the polls tomorrow. Here are some tips.

Buddy System:

Take an able bodied friend. They can carry a small chair for you. Grab water for you and hold your place in line when you have to go to the bathroom.

Speak Up:

Let the one of the volunteers know your challenge/disability by showing your bathroom card or handicap placard. Letting them know that you can not stand for a long time and/or that you need to frequently use the bathroom.


Take some snacks with you and a bottle of water. Low blood sugar or pressure while trying to do your civic duty is just not productive!


Are you voting in an area with limited parking? Uber over.

Stroller Life:

For those of us who have children that are just too big to carry. TAKE A STROLLER. Hang a small folding chair/stool on it. Put books, iPad & ear phones, snacks and water in the basket. And don’t worry about what people think.

Personal Fan:

Take a small, personal fan to cool you down. Or one of those cooling towels. I personally still have hot flashes like I did when I had my colon. They come even when it’s cool. So, I keep a small fan with me to keep from getting too hot.

Not sure where your polling place is? Check for it HERE! And if you need a ride to your polling place, the best thing to do is connect with the local HQ office of the Presidential candidate you support and ask if they have volunteers driving people to the polls. RSVP for that TODAY!