Tackling The Heat & Having Fun

One of the frustrating things about having a disease like Colitis or Crohn’s…or really anything that takes your energy, it seems to get worse when it’s very hot. You know that kind of hot where you can smell the heat? Where you start to sweat at the thought of going outside! Yea that hot. Like the 102 degrees I’m feeling radiating through my closed curtains right now. It just makes it unbearable to try and do anything active in. I mean speaking from a Colitis point of view, I feel like it will flare up the disease more. But the problem is, your child doesn’t have colitis or low energy. In fact your kid has A LOT of energy he/she needs to burn. All the coloring books have been colored in, apps played and books read and your child is ready to be out in the real world. Unfortunately you and your internal organs start to shutter at the thought of being outside in the park or walking up and down the sidewalk. Okay, so what to do?!

Well first thing is grab a few Vitamin Waters, Gatorade & Smart Waters, chill them and come up with a plan. On a normal day you need may need a little help replenishing your electrolytes at some point throughout the day. But on a hot day, that’s what you should be doing all day. I use Vitamin Water Revive, Gatorade G2 & Smart Water only to drink through the day. Stay away from heavy & greasy food so you aren’t feeling heavy and flaring up your Colitis or Crohn’s while you’re out. Try things like yogurt…frozen yogurt is a good treat to have. And if you pour their yogurt yourself you can keep the cost down! LOL! No son, you don’t need to see the yogurt come out of the top of the cup! Take the babes to an indoor playground and let them run around for an hour or two. Take some snacks with you in a cooler. A couple of chilled fruit cups or the applesauce pouches. Some of our favorite places either have food for sale inside or right around food places. Check out our personal pics:

1. Giggles N’ Hugs

2. Lollipop Dream

3. The Playroom

4. The Coop

5. Bubbles

6. Pint Size Learning Center

It’s not exactly an indoor playground, but The Kidspace Museum is one of our favorite heat escapes because they have a great indoor exhibit area where the kids can wear themselves out and learn at the same time. They also have a great, great café inside. And although it’s in Pasadena, they have a bunch of water play activities outside that will keep everyone cool. And on Fridays, The Westfield Fashion Square mall has a family friendly movie in the evening in the food court area. True its later on in the evening, but we all know it doesn’t cool off out in the San Fernando Valley until about 9/10pm. You can spend some time at the library or an indoor playground and then head over to the mall for the free film. Here is a list of upcoming films at the mall:

August 3:   Shrek
August 10: Back to the Future
August 17: The Lorax
August 24: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Original)
August 31: Over The Hedge

Basically let the kids have fun in an enclosed safe environment where YOU don’t have to exert too much energy chasing after them and entertaining them. Give yourself a break! Try and take someone with you as well, for the those emergency bathroom breaks. And keep cool liquids with you, preferably one that will replenish electrolytes.