The Advocate

Someone once asked me what did I hope to achieve with my advocacy? Did I really believe in change? I answered: “I hope to make the world a little bit better for my son and all the other children that are just as human as my child. And do I believe in change? I believe in people. I believe people can change. Not to my will, but to what is just the best thing to do for other humans. I believe in another person’s capacity to love their fellow man.”
My advocacy work is so incredibly important to me! Not because it’s important to me, as a person, but the benefits and needs are so incredibly important to my fellow Americans. And now we stand at the very edge of the battleground for proper healthcare again. The fact that an insurance company can basically decide whether I live the best life I can live as a mother or leave title-pic-fbmy child an orphan. Simply because my diseases are too expensive? Seriously? The saddest part about this, is that my story is not the only one. There are thousands upon thousands of patients that are dependent upon me and other advocates to plead their cases so that legislation is passed to help with their quality of life.

But it doesn’t come cheap. Sometimes, we advocates have to come out of our own pocket, sacrifice time with our families. It takes a toll both physically and emotionally. It’s not an easy job, but it’s an honor and privilege to do this work. To have the ability to be able to stand up and be a voice for what is right. Now I want to do more. I am currently taking on new fundraising adventure┬áto help the advocacy efforts of The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, send advocates to The Hill. I am selling OneHope Wine which is a brand of wine made in California that supports a variety of needs from Autism to healthcare. Education to LGBTQ rights. And they aren’t generalized donations. They are literal programs they have targets that they’ve pinpointed. They also allow people to host wine tastings in the name of a cause and donate extra proceeds to that particular charity.

I am taking this one step further. I am donating 15% of all of my commissions to The CCFA. The rest of that commission will go toward all other needs related to advocacy trips, meetings, trainings, etc. I would love to invite you check out my site. Follow me on FB & Instagram! Please help me raise my goal of $500 by the end of the year!


Ps. We actually have a sale going on until the end of tonight. 40% of 3 or more bottles. 40%off & free shipping for 6 or more bottles!